Layla DeFrancis

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Who or what has inspired you the most?

My grandmother is my biggest inspiration. She is a seamstress, and the pride she has for her work shows in the pieces she creates. When she retired from Mardi Gras due to a heart attack, her crew captain said, “She worked hard for us. I don’t know if we can replace her.” She makes our family very proud!

What would you do if money was no object?

If money was no object, I would open an animal shelter and worldwide homeless shelter with soup kitchens (think something like a hotel with full-service kitchen, but for the less fortunate in EVERY city).

What was a life-altering experience?

My life-altering experience was the birth of my first child. He is the reason I am in sales. I wanted a better life for him and our life together as a family.

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