Funeral Directors Life is a full-service preneed insurance company.

We help funeral directors grow their businesses and serve more families every year. Entering into a business relationship with Funeral Directors Life will help your business continue to grow and thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Driving Innovation in the Funeral Profession.

Funeral Directors Life is leading the way with technology solutions for the digital age.

From DIGicare Services, our digital solutions for funeral homes, to DIGicon Touch, the preneed profession’s most sophisticated digital contract software, Funeral Directors Life is unmatched in our ability to help our clients save time, automate processes, and enhance their service to families.

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To Be the Best, Most-Respected Provider of Service to the Funeral Industry.

The company was founded by four independent funeral home owners who wanted two things. Fair and proper representation of prepaid funerals in their local markets. Safe and secure prepaid insurance and annuity products that would protect the long-term health of their funeral businesses.

Our board of directors includes 10 funeral directors whose decisions affect both Funeral Directors Life and their own businesses. As a company, the decisions we make ultimately find a balance between the needs of the funeral director, the families we serve, and the company as a whole.


Putting you ahead of the curve.

Funeral Directors Life is the only preneed company that is helping funeral home clients grow and succeed year after year. Our secret to success is simple:

  • Recruit the right people

  • Offer comprehensive training and ongoing support

  • Create a marketing plan that works

  • Track & analyze progress and streamline processes

  • Understand, share, and advocate the value of the funeral ceremony


Helping funeral directors succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Our goal is to support our clients 100% in achieving their goals for the future of their businesses. We firmly believe that our clients are best served when they:

  • Have a direct relationship with their preneed insurance company.

  • Are being served by knowledgeable, trusted business advisors whose interests align with theirs.

  • Have access to innovative products and services to effectively serve the rapidly changing funeral consumer.

Our sales management team's interests align directly with yours to ensure your business grows the right way and that you receive the total value you deserve, including growth & commissions that might otherwise go to third-party marketers.


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