Episode 14 FDTV

FDTV Episode 14: 5 Essential Features to Look for in Your Funeral Home’s eCommerce Solution

Statistics show that close to 70% (or 227 million Americans) are shopping online…and that was before the pandemic! With more tech-savvy Baby Boomers and Gen Xers entering your preneed target market, it’s time to address your funeral home’s online shopping experience. If you want to connect with these families before they turn to a cremation society or other online provider, you need an eCommerce tool that allows them to plan ahead and make advance arrangements from the comfort of home.

In this episode of FDTV, Todd Carlson, industry veteran and Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer at Funeral Directors Life, discusses what to look for in an eCommerce solution that will allow families to plan ahead with your funeral home online.

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