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3 Easy Ways to Share Your Funeral Home’s Content

Many families have funeral questions and may not be sure where to look for answers. Your funeral home can provide a great service to these families by sharing educational content they can rely on.

So, you might write an article, create a checklist, or update a landing page with frequently asked questions to help families find the answers they’re looking for.

But once you’ve created educational content, you need a strategy to get families to see it.

Between Facebook, YouTube, and other online platforms, how do you decide which is best to reach families?

Luckily, you don’t have to choose just one option. You can distribute your content through several channels to increase your chances of reaching families.

Here are a few platforms to best distribute your content.

1. Use social media

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are great platforms for sharing educational content with families. And since most online users spend nearly 2.5 hours on social media daily, you can’t afford to ignore these platforms.

Still, with so many other companies – and other funeral homes – on social media, you need to know which platforms are best for sharing your educational content.

Facebook has the largest audience of those interested in preplanning (aged 50+), and YouTube can help you target your exact audience.

And while Instagram does have a large number of younger users, 13.6% of Instagram users (23 million users) in the United States are over the age of 55 and might be interested in preplanning. Plus, those younger than 55 might have funeral-related questions, so you can help them, too!

But remember – the key to successfully sharing your content on social media is to keep it interesting, short, and to the point. Most online users have a small attention span. Get their attention with educational content that is easy to understand.

2. Post on your website

To best reach today’s funeral consumer, it’s not enough for your funeral home to have a website. You need a website that offers educational and informative resources to families.

But what’s the best way to offer families important funeral-related information on your website?

In-depth articles and eBooks can provide families with answers and open the door to conversations they’ve never considered before. To make these resources easy for families to find, put this content in a resources section of your website.

Best of all, you can use some of these resources as lead-generating pieces to capture families’ contact information so you can follow-up with them.

3. Share an email newsletter

A common myth is that funeral homes don’t care about families’ well-being once the funeral is over. You can dispel that belief with an aftercare email newsletter!

Create a newsletter that guides families toward healthy grieving. Share grief management articles, words of encouragement, contact information for local grief therapy groups, and more, to help recently served families receive support for their grief.

Not only can an email newsletter help serve your community, but it can also boost your aftercare program. Recently served families will see that your care extends beyond the service, which can increase customer loyalty to your funeral home.

>>>Here’s a great example of grief education ideas you can use for your email newsletter!

Start creating and sharing content today

Sharing educational and informative content is a great way to get families to notice you and turn to your funeral home in times of need.

But how you share your content is just as important as creating it.

Our digital marketing experts know how to best reach today’s funeral consumers and make sure your funeral home’s content gets seen by families. Better yet, our graphic designers and copywriters can create premium content for your funeral home, too.

Discover how the right content and distribution plan can help you connect with more families and stand out online.

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