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Why great content is key to website success

Have you ever had a bad day on the golf course?

Imagine your last round of golf wasn’t one to remember. No matter how hard you tried, it just wasn’t your day. You look online for ways to improve your golf swing and find a website with several videos available to help.

But that’s not all.

This website also has a step-by-step guide on what to look for when purchasing golf clubs. They also have an email newsletter filled with tips, tricks, and strategies to make you the envy of the golf course.

Your initial search to improve your golf score turned out to be much more. After browsing the website, you feel more educated and prepared to get your golf game back on track.

Do families feel the same way after visiting your funeral home’s website?

To successfully serve families online, your website needs to be easy to find and inviting. But even more than accessibility and design, your website should be a place where families can find answers to their questions.

You can do that by adding educational content to your website. This can turn your website into a go-to source for information and help build trust between families and your funeral home.

In this clip from our FD Talks podcast, Funeral Directors Life Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Drew Seale talks about the need to prioritize your website’s design AND content.

: “It’s extremely important to focus on both sides of the coin when we talk about funeral home websites. The software side of things needs to be well-performing and efficient. At the same time, you don’t want to neglect the content side of your website. You want to have the appropriate content on your website that will educate families and make it simple for those families to navigate your website. A lot of that comes down to the content that you have. Having a focus on your website’s software and content is going to give you the strongest website and the strongest digital presence that you could possibly have.”

Families need a clear path to find answers when they visit your website. Start by offering families educational resources so they can learn more about funeral-related topics. Families will then trust you as a good source of information and will likely want to learn more about your services. Once that happens, your content can direct families to information about how you can best care for them.

This type of content can drive your website’s lead-generation capabilities and grow your business!

However, it can be challenging to brainstorm, create, and manage the content on your website.

Especially when you have families to care for.

Using a website provider can save you time and ensure families find value in your website. The right website provider can transform your well-designed website into a tool you can use to provide families with educational content about the meaning of funerals, along with the service you can provide them.

: “You want to have the appropriate content on your website. It’s very important to use a website provider that understands the funeral profession, but you also want a website provider that understands the importance of the content and language that you have on your website. If you don’t have the right language on your website to get people where they need to go or to explain the value of your funeral home, you could lose families to other businesses because most families just don’t understand the value of the funeral profession. You could miss out on an opportunity to give families that healing and meaningful funeral that they deserve.”

In short, families might think your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. But if families can’t find answers to their questions, they’ll look somewhere else.

Think back to the golf example from earlier. Just like the best set of golf clubs won’t improve your game if you don’t know how to use them, your website won’t be a helpful resource for families if it’s all flash and no substance.

: “If you don’t have a website that is informative, simple to navigate, and have the right calls to action, families are going to move on to somewhere else. That means your funeral home will lose a potential family that your funeral home could have served. They may go to the competition across the street or even an online competitor because more families are going online for answers. So, if your website is not getting families where they need to be or is not informative, families are going to move on to the next option. That will negatively impact your market share and business as a whole.”

Valuable content makes your funeral home valuable to families.

Now you’ve seen the importance of having great content. But do you really have time for that on your own? Maybe here and there, but consistency is key.

The good news is that by adding accurate, helpful, and trustworthy content, your website doesn’t have to take up all your time is easier than you think.

Our new digital marketing packages include website management, which means our team will take care of everything from updating your current website to building a new website from scratch. Plus, we’ve partnered with Tukios to ensure our customers get the best of both sides of the coin regarding functionality and content.

You’ll get a website that families can easily find, navigate, and access valuable and helpful content.

Fill out the form to see how your funeral home can have a great website filled with great content that’s created and managed by a great team of experts.

Want to learn more? Click here to watch the full podcast episode!

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