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How to Choose the Perfect Funeral Home Digital Marketing Strategy

By Rae Hudson, Account Executive

Have you ever noticed that when something is labeled “one-size-fits-all,” it rarely actually fits everyone?

I recently experienced this when I was shopping for a new sun hat for the summer. Despite going to multiple stores and trying on various hats, none of the options listed as “one-size-fits-all” fit me properly.

Similarly, marketing companies and providers may try to sell your funeral home on a “one-size-fits-all” digital marketing strategy, claiming it can work for any funeral home. However, every funeral home is unique and has different needs, goals, resources, and types of consumers.

That’s why having a digital marketing strategy customized to your business goals is important – it will help you reach new families and stay top of mind within your community. But what approach is right for your funeral home?

Here are 4 scenarios that might be applicable to you with strategies that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

1. Only funeral home in town? Add value by educating families.

If you’re the only funeral home in your community, most families in the area are likely already familiar with you and know they can rely on you when a death occurs. However, by implementing a digital marketing strategy, you can increase your value to families who may not be familiar with you or your preneed services.

A digital marketing plan can help you maintain your well-established reputation and provide value to families by educating them on essential funeral topics.

To establish yourself as a go-to funeral expert, you can publish informative content on your social media and website. These topics can include how to personalize a funeral, burial vs. cremation, veterans’ benefits, healthy grieving, and more. It’s also the perfect opportunity to share the benefits of preplanning and spread the word about your preneed offerings to grow that block of your business.

Sharing accurate funeral information will help you build trust with families, maintain your position as a trusted source of truth in your community, and maintain your market share and relevancy, even in the face of future competitors.

2. Competing with multiple funeral homes? Stand out online.

In order to outshine the competition and attract more families to your funeral home, it is essential to have a strong digital marketing strategy that increases your online presence. This can be achieved by prioritizing Google and YouTube ads, social media engagement, and custom video content.

Video content is particularly effective as it connects with viewers emotionally and helps showcase your facilities, staff, and offerings. Unlike other forms of media, videos are preferred by people when learning about new companies and products. Incorporating videos into your digital marketing strategy can help families become more familiar with your staff and the unique ways you can serve them.

Use this strategy to show that your funeral home is different from others and make a lasting impression on families.

3. Opening a funeral home? Build brand awareness.

If you’re planning to open a new location or provide a new service, it’s important to grow your brand awareness with families. Brand awareness refers to the level of familiarity that consumers have with your business and how well they recognize you. Think of well-known brands like Apple, Nike, and Walmart. These brands have created such strong awareness with customers that they’ve become synonymous with the products and services they offer.

Creating strong brand awareness means having families think of your funeral home first when a death occurs, they have a funeral-related question, or they want to explore their own end-of-life options.

So, how do you build strong brand awareness?

Digital marketing can help you build brand awareness by staying top of mind with families online. A digital marketing strategy focused on building brand awareness will keep your funeral home active on social media, draw families to your website, and more so you can show families that you’re always ready to meet their needs.

A digital marketing plan that prioritizes your brand awareness can also use custom videos to differentiate your funeral home from your competition. With a new location or offering, you want families to know why you’re the right choice and more than just a business. Use video to highlight your staff, beliefs, history, and heart for service. That way, families will want to learn more about you and find out how you can help them.

4. High at-need call volume? Free up more time to serve families.

If you know how to use digital marketing to grow your business and reach families, it still takes time to create, implement, and review the results of your plan. However, if you spend all day caring for families, it can be difficult to focus on digital marketing.

This is where a digital marketing partner can be extremely helpful.

With the right digital marketing partner, you can share your goals and let marketing experts create a custom plan that can help build brand awareness, increase preneed leads, stand out from your competitors, and more. By doing so, you can enjoy all the benefits of digital marketing while still providing excellent service to families.

Though this isn’t an exhaustive list of every funeral home’s situation, it’s a starting place to see what approach you might need to take!

Don’t settle for “one-size-fits-all” funeral home digital marketing. See the benefits of a plan unique to you.

If you’re striving to increase your market share or looking to educate families about how you can assist them, a digital marketing plan can help boost your business and keep your brand top of mind with families, while still operating within your budget.

So, while you concentrate on serving families, let us concentrate on bringing them to your doorstep.

Our digital marketing plans are specifically designed for funeral homes and can accomplish any objective you have in mind. Our proven strategies include social media and website management, Google ads, custom videos, and more, all of which can get you the results you desire at a price you’ll appreciate.

Plus, our team of marketing experts will handle every aspect of your digital marketing strategy so you can rest easy.

Explore plans by clicking here or filling out the form below!

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