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4 Reasons to Make Your Website Your Funeral Home’s New Storefront

Are you prioritizing your funeral home website?

“Yeah, it was REALLY good! You definitely need to go by there and see for yourself.”

All day, your coworker talked about the great cup of coffee she had from the new café in town. She explained how their unique beans, ingredients, and technique all contributed to one incredible drink that you shouldn’t pass up on.

You’re intrigued. After all, you enjoy a good cup of java. Plus, you like exploring new businesses in your area.

You decide to check out the shop, but you realize you don’t have the café’s address.

Time to make a quick Google search…

Though hypothetical, the truth is that many people will search for a business online before visiting its physical location. In fact, according to a survey by on consumer habits, 91% of shoppers will look up a new business online before visiting its brick-and-mortar location in person. That same study also concluded that 23% of consumers are unlikely to visit a business if it doesn’t have an online presence.

The same goes for families looking to learn about funeral homes in their area.

Many families want to visit your website before visiting your funeral home. However, if your funeral home website isn’t helpful to families, you could miss out on connecting with funeral consumers.

Even if you have several locations and your facilities are immaculate, families will still look for you online before visiting you in person.

That’s why your funeral home’s website should be your new storefront so you can better connect with families, showcase your services, stand out in your community, and more, by making your website as helpful and attractive as possible.

1. Reach more families

How much time do you think the average person spends online each day?

According to DataReportal, most consumers average more than 6.5 hours on the internet a day. Families use this time to browse social media, online shop, watch videos, and learn about new businesses – like your funeral home.

If your website is easy to find online and answers families’ questions, people in your community will find your website helpful. And if more families spend time on your website, more families will learn how you can help them through the services and education you provide and will likely want to meet you in person.

A website that has a strong search engine optimization (SEO) ranking and is easy to find online will lead to more views and more opportunities for you to show families how you can serve them before meeting them.

2. Improve your communication

A family who is learning about your funeral home for the first time will likely have questions.

– What type of services do you offer?

– How much do you charge?

– Do your values align with mine?

At the very least, families will want to know how to contact you, and they’ll turn to Google or your website.

Your funeral home needs a website that can not only answer families’ questions but also make it easy to communicate with you. Have your phone number, email, and address predominantly listed on your website’s home page so families can quickly find out how to contact you and get answers to their questions.

Funeral homes that prioritize communication with families before, during, and after the funeral process are funeral homes that families will continue to turn to.

3. Showcase your services

Whether a family is looking for preneed, at-need, or aftercare services, chances are they will first want to visit your website to see how you can help them.

And if your funeral home doesn’t showcase your services simply and attractively, then you’ll likely miss out on serving families in need.

By making your website your funeral home’s new storefront, you can display your services and facilities like never before. Use high-quality photos, videos, and detailed descriptions to bring your funeral home to life online and give families a better understanding of your offerings.

Your website can even feature a virtual tour video, so families can see your funeral home and feel like they know you before they’ve met you. Or include an introduction of your team so families can virtually meet you.

This transparency can build trust with families, give them an idea of what to expect from you, and make families feel more comfortable with turning to you.

4. Promote community engagement

One thing the digital age has proven is that your community is no longer just those in your city or county. A community connected through the internet can be filled with people across the country and the world.

Still, finding a supportive community during times of grief can be difficult for many families. But your funeral home can make it easy for families to find the support and care they need through your website.

Use your website as a place for families to find community support and engagement to help those who have suffered a loss. Promote grief support events and resources and keep families informed about upcoming services, livestreamed funerals, and more.

Help families start their grief journey on the right foot by making it easy for them to find a community of support and care on your funeral home’s website.

Help families online with a funeral home website that meets their needs

Your funeral home’s physical location will always hold significance, and nothing can replace that. But as families spend more time online, your website will be the first impression for many funeral consumers.

So, make it great.

Embrace your website and make it an irreplaceable tool for your funeral home so you can provide better service, convenience, and communication to families.

With Funeral Directors Life, we can make your first impression with families one to remember.

Our new digital marketing packages include industry-leading website management that can give your funeral home a great website without the responsibility of managing it. We can build a website for your funeral home that looks attractive, is helpful to families, helps you connect with consumers, and more.

Fill out the form below and see how we’ll get your digital storefront looking better than ever.

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