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3 Benefits of Keeping Your Marketing Under One Roof

By Rae Gresso, Account Executive

Here’s how using one marketing company can help your funeral home see marketing benefits.

Imagine this for a moment:

Your funeral home staff wants to host a preplanning seminar next month.

So, you need to line up speakers and plan details, but you also have to get people to show up.

In order to raise awareness about the event with families, you have to communicate all the details to your marketing vendors.

That means you need to:

Call your lead generation company about sending out postcards and printing flyers.

Email your social media management service about creating a Facebook post promoting the event.

Contact your website provider and ask them to update your homepage with the event details.

Tell your digital marketing partner you need new Google and YouTube ads for the event.

You think to yourself: This is about to get complicated fast.

But what if you only had to keep one marketing agency in the loop?

And what if that same partner could create the marketing materials AND promote the event on social media, your website, and your community?

Using one company for all your marketing needs can improve your return on investment, streamline your communication, help you stand out in your community, and more.

Here are 3 reasons why using one partner can bring marketing benefits to your funeral home.

1. See a better return on your marketing benefits

No funeral home owner likes wasting marketing dollars. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen.

I heard a story on a recent FD Talks podcast episode about a funeral home owner using a low-cost Google ads service to bring awareness to his funeral home website.

The ad campaign appeared successful on the surface. However, the marketing agency bid on the wrong keywords, which meant the wrong audience was targeted for the ad and the funeral home’s marketing budget was misused. The funeral home also received diminished marketing benefits.

The moral of the story?

If you’re doing marketing on your own or working with a vendor outside of the funeral profession, you could be wasting your budget. Similarly, paying for multiple marketing services from different companies isn’t the best use of your money.

Make things simpler for your funeral home by working with one company for all your marketing needs.

2. Communicate easier

Time is money. Wasted time means wasted opportunities for you to serve families who need you. You can’t effectively care for families if you spend hours communicating with multiple marketing companies.

With one marketing provider, you’ll have one point of contact to keep you updated on all your marketing benefits, like your website, Facebook page, Google ads, and other parts of your strategy.

Plus, your one marketing representative can provide you with reports, data, and analytics for your plan. That way, you can evaluate your results and adjust your plan as needed.

3. Stand out from your competition

You may think that the more marketing partners you have, the better results you’ll see.

What you’ll really get is multiple companies with multiple strategies that aren’t aligned.

But when you use one company, your funeral home’s marketing will get one plan that works across all marketing platforms to achieve one goal. Your website will help your Google ranking, your social media will help your website traffic, your digital ads can increase your preplanning appointments, and more.

In short, all your marketing efforts will work together like a well-oiled machine that can benefit your preneed, at-need, and aftercare blocks of business all at once.

Use a synchronized, all-in-one strategy that covers everything from building brand awareness to collecting 5-star Google reviews from satisfied families.

BONUS: Have a consistent brand voice

Your brand voice is essential in helping you connect with new families and stay top of mind with your community.

Families should associate you with one message. But if multiple marketing companies speak for your funeral home, your message to families can get messy and confusing.

Partnering with one marketing company ensures that you’ll send one consistent, unified message to families so they’ll know how you can help them, no matter their needs.

After all, getting families to notice you is only half the challenge. Conveying a clear message to families that’s helpful and easy to understand is equally important for your marketing.

Less really is more. Choose one partner who can do it all and provide increased marketing benefits.

Using multiple marketing companies can strain your budget, waste your time, and limit your success. But one marketing partner can give you a stronger return on investment, streamline communication, increase brand awareness, protect your brand voice, and more!

At Funeral Directors Life, our new digital marketing packages work across multiple platforms and serve one purpose – helping your funeral home stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about the last marketing partner you’ll ever need, fill out the form below or explore your options today by clicking here.

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