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3 Risks of Using Multiple Marketing Companies

By Tyler Ward, Digital Sales Manager

With Christmas fast approaching, I recently did a little holiday shopping for my loved ones. I had my list of gifts and where to find them, and I was confident I could get everything in just a few hours.

At least, that’s what I thought.

My list took me to Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and everywhere in between. And if the traffic wasn’t challenging enough, the number of shoppers in each store was equally as formidable.

After crossing the last item off my list, I imagined how relaxing it would have been to do all my shopping online, from one store, while sitting on my couch.

Using multiple marketing companies can feel a bit like shopping at several stores.

You might use one company for your website, another for your Google Ads, and yet another for video production. If each company handles different parts of your marketing strategy, you might not have a cohesive plan that best promotes your business.

And if you have questions, remembering who to contact can cause frustration.

Using one company for all your marketing needs is the best decision for your funeral home. By keeping your marketing under one roof, you’ll avoid marketing risks and save time, increase your return on investment, stay focused on serving families, and more.

Here are 3 risks of working with multiple marketing companies and how to avoid them.

1. Avoid wasting time

Do you know how much time I would have saved if I did all my holiday shopping online with one website? A lot!

The same goes for using multiple marketing companies.

Your funeral home will waste valuable resources – especially the time you have to serve families – by going back and forth between your website provider, digital marketing company, Google ads partner, aftercare experts, and more.

Instead of spending precious time on the phone and in meetings, choose one provider who can answer all your marketing questions and give you frequent updates on your strategy.

Find one partner that offers you one point of contact for all your marketing communication. They’ll update you on your marketing strategies, results, new ideas, and more.

That way, the next time you have a question, you’ll know exactly who to call.

2. Avoid wasting money

Before leaving the house to shop, I found which stores had the best deals on the gifts I needed. But even though I paid less on the gifts, I didn’t save as much as I thought I would have after the extra taxes I paid at each store and the gas I spent driving across town.

That’s why one option usually leads to a better overall financial outcome.

If your funeral home uses multiple marketing companies, your return on investment may be one of your marketing risks.

Using multiple providers can lead to spending extra and unnecessary funds on your marketing, even more so if your providers aren’t working together.

When you use one company for all your marketing, everything from your social media to your aftercare will work together to keep you top of mind with families and give you a positive return on your marketing dollars.

And if you can find a marketing company that truly understands the funeral profession, even better!

3. Avoid inefficiency

Repetition rarely equals efficiency. And visiting store after store for my Christmas shopping felt very repetitive.

I had to drive to each store, find a parking spot, fight the crowds, find the gift, wait in line, pay for the gift, get back in my vehicle, and do it all over again at the next store.

Had I shopped online, I would have visited one website, checked out one time, and been done in a matter of minutes.

Using multiple companies for your marketing needs can also seem repetitive and inefficient. You’ll have to meet with each company (sometimes multiple times per year) to tell them what your goals are, what your budget is, and what you prioritize.

Plus, using multiple companies increases your marketing risks of sending misaligned and conflicting messages to your families.

But if you use one company, you’ll only have to communicate your funeral home’s desires once so your marketing provider can craft a clear, focused, and unified message to boost your brand awareness.

With Funeral Directors Life, one partner is all you need

Using multiple marketing companies isn’t the best way to optimize your funeral home’s time, finances, or efficiency. And if you’re lacking in any of these areas, it can negatively impact your service to families.

But partnering with one marketing company – like Funeral Directors Life – can help you meet your goals without sacrificing your resources.

Our team of marketing experts can handle everything from your Facebook page to your aftercare program, all while protecting your time, investment, efficiency, and more.

Plus, we understand the funeral profession and which marketing strategies are best for funeral homes.

Put a bow on another successful year by filling out the form below to explore your marketing options.

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