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5 Surprising Benefits of YouTube for Funeral Homes

When it comes to YouTube, which of the following statements is correct?

1. YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform.

2. YouTube is a cost-effective choice for advertising.

3. YouTube can help with brand awareness and lead generation for funeral homes.

Trick question: All of the above statements are true!

The fact is YouTube can be a secret weapon for your funeral home’s advertising.

There are a lot of benefits to using YouTube as a part of your marketing plan, but you may not understand how the platform works or the results you can expect to see. That’s OK!

This article will break down 5 surprising benefits of using YouTube ads for your funeral home.

1. YouTube ads reach large audiences

If you’ve ever wanted to reach families online, look no further than YouTube.

With nearly 250 million U.S. users, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world. YouTube is also the second most-used social media platform, trailing only Facebook. Above 20% of users are 55+, which is a funeral home’s target demographic.

With YouTube, you can reach more preneed and at-need families by getting active with YouTube advertising and sharing the value of your services through video.

2. YouTube ads can target and retarget your exact audience

With so many marketing methods competing for your families’ attention, you might not know if your funeral home’s messaging is reaching the right audience. But with YouTube, you can do a lot more than just guess what marketing strategy to use.

With YouTube, if a family interacts with your website or watches one of your videos, you can retarget them with YouTube ads. Similarly, you can target specific demographics that would benefit from your services.

That means your funeral home’s advertising will reach not only the right families but families who are already interested in you.

3. YouTube ads are trackable

Have you ever wondered if your traditional marketing efforts are paying off?

With digital marketing, especially YouTube, much of the advertising is trackable and allows you to easily see if your strategy is working or not. YouTube allows you to track clicks, log views, explore video view duration, and more.

The trackable options let you see if your plan is successful and adjust your strategy in the future.

4. YouTube ads are cost-effective

Staying within your budget is important, and you don’t want to waste money on advertising that’s not working.

YouTube lets you choose a plan that works best within your budget. With multiple options, each plan differs in price, giving you the freedom to pick the right plan for your business.

And keep in mind, when you crunch the numbers, the leads produced by a digital marketing strategy can be cheaper than most traditional marketing plans. See a higher return on your marketing investment with YouTube.

5. YouTube ads let you showcase your funeral home

Informing families that you’re ready to help them isn’t always enough. Families want to see what makes you special, unique, and different from other funeral homes.

YouTube is the perfect platform to do exactly that.

Create videos that highlight your services, staff, facilities, and more to differentiate yourself from your competition. These videos can also be educational and inform families about their preplanning options, the importance of grieving, and more.

Use YouTube to show why your funeral home is the right choice for families.

Simply put, YouTube is a premier platform for promoting your funeral home

From its number of users to its cost-effectiveness, YouTube should be an asset in every digital marketing campaign.

But for all YouTube’s positives, there’s still one last thing to consider. In order to successfully advertise on YouTube, you need to have high-quality video content and a team that maps out your strategy.

That’s where we come in.

“Funeral Directors Life’s audio/visual team has come to our funeral home to shoot professional videos for us that resonate well with families. We couldn’t be happier.”
Jason Wilson, Wilson Funeral Home

Our videographers and editors excel at capturing your funeral home’s message and personality with custom content that families will want to see. High-quality videos can help improve your social media engagement, drive traffic to your website, educate families on your offerings, and more.

Ready for video content that looks good and brings in leads?

We know the latest trends to make sure your funeral home will be seen by more families on YouTube. We’ll make sure you reach the right families and increase your brand awareness, all while staying within your budget.

Request a demo to learn more.

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