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How A.S. Turner & Sons Found a True Social Media Partner

Garrett Cooper
Family Services Counselor
A.S. Turner & Sons Funeral Home & Crematory
Decatur, GA
Average call volume: 1,300 calls/year

To serve more than 1,000 families every year, Garrett Cooper and A.S. Turner & Sons Funeral Home & Crematory need effective providers and processes to be successful. After years of dealing with poor communication from other social media partners, they were ready to look elsewhere for help.

That’s when Funeral Directors Life (FDL) stepped in and showed A.S. Turner & Sons the benefits of working with a social media partner who values communication, customer service, and customer success. A year later, Garrett and his fellow funeral professionals have seen the positive impacts on their funeral home by working with a provider who values their relationship and improves their processes.

“FDL is always trying to get better, and they truly care about getting better for their customers.”

Read more to learn about A.S. Turner & Sons’ experience with FDL.

What led to your funeral home partnering with FDL?

We decided to make a change to some of our services. FDL approached us with their offerings, and we signed up for many of their services because we wanted our processes to be as streamlined as possible Overall, things have gone well, especially the social media piece. That’s been our favorite part of joining FDL.

How was your social media experience before switching to FDL?

From a service standpoint, our old social media partner offered us a good product. But the biggest headache we had with them was the lack of communication we received. We would get a phone call or email from them once every few weeks, so we didn’t know what was happening with our social media most of the time. It got to the point where we couldn’t get anybody to do anything. We thought that if you’re going to be our partner, then actually be a partner. That’s the reason we switched to FDL.

Has FDL made things easier for your funeral home?

Things have been easier since partnering with FDL because they value communication. FDL’s communication with us has been great. Out of all the other companies we’ve worked with over the years, I would say FDL has been the best with communication. Their customer service, smiles, positivity, and making us feel like we’re a priority have been incredible. Everyone has been so nice and filled with joy. It’s so nice to get on a Zoom call with FDL and it’s filled with smiling, happy people, who just want to help.

How has FDL made you feel like a partner and not just a customer?

In every social media management meeting with FDL, we can tell that they are listening to us. When we first joined FDL, I told them about our funeral home, our message, and how we want families to view us. Since then, all our marketing has reflected that messaging. It makes us feel like we’re being heard, and we’re a priority. It’s a true partnership with FDL. Our other social media partner didn’t make us feel like that. We couldn’t regularly express our thoughts on our digital marketing. But with FDL, they truly treat you like a partner.

Are there any benefits to having one company, like FDL, manage all your digital marketing?

Having all our digital marketing under one roof was how we always envisioned it. Mainly, because of the communication aspect of it. If I have a question or concern with our social media, Google ads, or videos, I know I can call our client success manager to get answers. I don’t have to talk to 50 different people and waste time explaining the situation over and over again. I can talk to one person and get answers quickly. Before FDL, we had about three different companies working on our digital marketing, so there were times when I had to talk to several different people before I got to the right person. FDL isn’t like that.

Plus, having all our digital marketing with one company also guarantees that all our platforms are working together. Each service is working in coordination with the others to help us reach families. There’s no conflict or gaps in our plan. FDL makes sure of that.

Do you receive regular updates or reports on your funeral home’s digital marketing strategy?

We get a call each month to go over the analytics of our digital marketing. It’s nice to see the numbers of who is viewing and clicking on what and how everything is working together to promote our funeral home. To me, it’s really important to have the numbers to show if our strategy is working or not. Right now, we’re trying to build awareness in a new area, so we’re trying to connect with more families there. The analytics help us see if we’re making progress and show us where we can improve. Again, it’s the transparency and the prioritizing of communication that makes FDL great. Communication is the key to everything.

What would you say to someone interested in using FDL to help their business?

I would say that every funeral home should take a long, hard look at FDL’s services. FDL offers a great partnership and a wide range of products that are all very functional. They value communication, and it’s top-notch. FDL also has a clear view of the future of the funeral profession. They know what funeral homes need to be successful.

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