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Special Webinars and Training

To help funeral professionals navigate the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have recorded special webinars and training discussing new ways to communicate with staff and families, along with guidance and support as funeral directors overcome challenges in these uncertain times.

FD Talks: Keeping a Personal Connection in a Virtual World

Throughout the past months, funeral homes have adapted to the needs of their communities by offering virtual appointments for both preneed and at-need meetings. So, how can you build a personal connection during a virtual meeting? In this webinar, John Davenport, Preneed Sales Manager with Service Group of Oklahoma in the Oklahoma City area, and Jeff Hartquist, Funeral Director and Owner of Hartquist Funeral Home & Cremation Services in southwestern Minnesota, will share their ideas, insights, and strategies for keeping that personal connection in a virtual world. View this great conversation with these funeral industry experts!

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FD Talks: Finding a New Normal: Lessons Learned from Covid-19

With a new surge in coronavirus cases in many areas of the nation, funeral professionals are figuring out solutions for surviving and thriving in this “new normal.” This webinar features industry experts Todd Carlson, EVP and Chief Sales Officer with Funeral Directors Life, Bill Vallie, Regional Manager for West Texas and Eastern New Mexico with Legacy Funeral Group, and Tim Hoff, owner of Hoff Funeral Homes in Minnesota. Get some key takeaways and lessons learned as well as what the future holds for the profession going forward!

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FREE Recorded Webinars: Stimulus Package Benefits

Watch webinars, download informative slides, and view frequently asked questions that cover benefits for the small business owner or 1099 sales agent. The CARES Act has a number of provisions designed to help small businesses, including funeral homes!

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FREE Recorded Webinar: Lights...Camera...Take Action!

With pandemic conditions still affecting your business, you need a way to stand out from the crowd and share how your funeral home is different. Statistics continue to show that video is the most engaging media for marketing your business, yet many funeral homes don't know where to even begin to use video to promote their business. If you want to learn more about how to leverage video content to grow your business and share your story, watch this special webinar presentation featuring Rob Davidson, Director of Audio/Visual Solutions and EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Stewart with Funeral Directors Life. Two-thirds of marketers are already using video, so you can't afford to let this opportunity pass you by. This webinar will cover why video is crucial to your marketing plan, how to craft your message and tell your unique story, plus practical tips to set you up for success with video marketing.

FREE Recorded Webinar: 5 Mistakes That Can Tie Up Your Cash Flow

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused many funeral homes’ cash flow to slow down to a trickle. At-need calls are up but funeral averages are down, creating a recipe for disaster for your profitability, time management, and cash flow, especially when it comes to life insurance assignments. Watch this recorded webinar to learn about the 5 mistakes you can’t afford to make with your life insurance assignments and cash flow. Terry Groban, EVP and CFO with Funeral Directors Life, and Michelle Morgan, Director of Business Services with CLAIMCHECK, discuss ideas, insights, and advice on how to avoid the top 5 mistakes funeral homes make that can stop their cash from flowing the way it needs to. This webinar covers how to quickly get your cash flow back to where it needs to be with a few simple principles.

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Weathering the Perfect Storm

Claims are up, the market is down, and the economy is at a standstill. The COVID-19 pandemic has created conditions for the perfect storm, and insurance companies have never before faced a crisis of this magnitude. So, how do you as a funeral professional know if your preneed company—and more importantly—your preneed block of business is safe? Watch this recording to hear from investment analyst and CEO of Parkway Advisors, Theron Holladay, CFA, who speaks with Funeral Directors Life EVP of Sales, Todd Carlson, to provide you with insight, ideas, and advice about how to know if your preneed insurance company is properly positioned to weather this storm.

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How to Market Your Funeral Home

Gone are the days of yellow page and newspaper ads. It’s a brave new world for funeral homes with digital marketing opportunities around every corner. In this webinar, Jeff Stewart and Mitchell Mclean discuss how to harness the marketing tools available today to grow your business and reach more families than ever before through Facebook, Google, and SEO.

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How to Promote Travel Plans to Preneed Families

As a preneed sales professional, travel plans are a win-win for you and the families you serve! You get to maximize each preneed appointment, and your families benefit from a plan that offers great peace of mind in case of emergency if the purchaser were to pass away more than 75 miles away from home. The best part? You can easily process the purchase of a travel plan digitally through Funeral Directors Life’s proprietary preneed contract software, DIGicon®. To learn how you can promote travel plans during the preneed appointment, watch this free webinar!

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FD Talks: Serving Families During COVID-19

During this informative webinar, we hear from Anne Geib with Geib Funeral Homes & Crematory in the New Philadelphia, Ohio area and Andrea Orr with Milner & Orr Funeral Home and Cremation Services in the Paducah, Kentucky area to learn from their successes in serving families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now, we are all being told what we can’t do, but these two funeral directors and their teams are stepping up during this crisis and saying, here is what we can do!

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Getting Back Into the Conversation

When a loss occurs, families are collaborating online to plan the funeral without you, which leaves your funeral home at risk for being disrupted by low-cost online providers. During this presentation, you will learn how to combat aggressive online marketers and get back into the conversation with the families you serve.

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Grow Your Preneed Sales with Online Group Presentations!

View free resources and learn how you can use Zoom to ramp up your sales efforts by conducting interactive group presentations online. Preneed sales professionals across the nation are STILL meeting with families and continuing to help them plan ahead, and you can too!

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How to Collect Online Signatures for Preneed Contracts

With more and more families staying at home due to COVID-19 restrictions, many funeral professionals are wondering..."Is there a way to gather signatures for preneed contracts online?" If you are looking for better ways to serve your preneed families today, watch this recorded webinar to see the all-new online signatures process in DIGicon®, the funeral profession's most advanced preneed contract software. Find out how you can start helping preneed families through virtual meetings or by phone with a few tips and best practices from our team.

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Persevering Through Uncertain Times

During uncertain times, we need a little hope and inspiration! If you are looking for some insight and direction on how to persevere during this difficult time, please take a few minutes to watch this informative and helpful recorded webinar featuring Kris Seale, president & CEO of Funeral Directors Life. Don't miss this great opportunity to hear from an industry thought leader about how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting our profession and what we can do to continue to serve families and help them through these difficult times.

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Tips for Funeral Directors: Stress Management

Funeral directors, we know stress can seem unavoidable, but it's not unmanageable! Learn from Coral Popowitz, a clinical therapist specializing in grief, trauma, and loss. She shares tips specifically for funeral directors to manage stress so you can better serve families in your community.

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Teams Webinar

With the COVID-19 restrictions changing how we meet with families, you are probably looking for tools to help you make at-need or preneed arrangements via virtual meetings. But with so many options available including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, and Microsoft Teams, you may be wondering…which of these tools is the easiest and most versatile option for our funeral home. Learn about how you and your team can use Microsoft Teams to meet virtually with families using a simple and effective tool. Best of all, Microsoft offers a free version of Teams!

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Passare: Working Remotely with Your Families

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Passare is providing the Collaboration Center free of charge to all funeral directors. This webinar covers the basics of the Collaboration Center, provides practical steps and advice on how to position online collaboration with families, and updates you on what’s to come and other communication tools to help you serve your families.

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Passare Training: Using the Collaboration Center

This online training covers everything you need to begin using the Collaboration Center with your families. We discuss how to talk to families about the Collaboration Center, how to send invitations, and best practices.

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How To: Use Facebook Live

Because of the COVID-19 situation, many funeral homes are having to turn to technology to do large group events. Facebook Live is a free tool that can be used for streaming funeral services or hosting a preneed seminar. In the resources below, we cover tips on how to use Facebook Live.

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