Investing in the Next Generation of Funeral Professionals

At the NFDA Convention & Expo, we were honored to present a $102,500 donation to the Funeral Service Foundation. We’re proud to support the scholarship program in its mission to serve the next generation of funeral professionals.

Kris Seale, President of CEO of Funeral Directors Life, took to the stage to share a powerful statement about funeral service being a ministry.

He said:

“Nehemiah 6:3 says, ‘I am doing a great work, and I cannot come down.’ Nehemiah was inspired by God to rebuild the wall around the city of Jerusalem. He didn’t let opposition or tragedy get to him; he simply wanted to complete the job. When I thought about that, I thought about funeral service and what you all do every day. Tragedy occurs in your community, and you step up to take care of families. We hope to support the younger generation so they see funeral service as a ministry and a calling in the same way you do.”

See his full speech below. Video is courtesy of NFDA. 

In short, investing in the next generation of funeral professionals is something we strive to do.

As our friends at Passare put it:

“Investing in the next generation of funeral professionals doesn’t have to be a large act of generosity. Whatever you do, we’re sure it will be worth it and push the profession forward!”

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