How to livestream a funeral with Encore

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By now, you’re likely aware of the three reasons why you should consider funeral home livestreaming.
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Or maybe you have no idea why you should consider livestreaming and the benefits it can bring.
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You may have also read about the four livestreaming mistakes to avoid and what to do instead.
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However you’ve arrived, we’re glad you’re here to see how simple funeral livestreaming can be with Encore. Whether you’re ready to sign on with us or need a bit more information, this how-to article should alleviate concerns about using this technology in your funeral home and show you how you can continue to provide top-notch service to families. We’ll also show you that getting started with our streamlined training process doesn’t have to take up a lot of your precious time.

Let’s get started!

Note: The following steps reflect what you can expect after signing on with Encore. You can always see a demo of the platform whenever you’d like.

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Step 1: Get your equipment

During the Encore demo, our representatives will explain the equipment plans we offer and financing options of purchasing or leasing. We understand that funeral homes have different business goals and budgets, so we want everyone to be able to choose the plan that works best for their business.

After signing on with Encore, we’ll work to custom configure and pack up your equipment and get it sent directly to your funeral home. From there, you’ll receive an invitation to set up a training meeting, where we’ll show you exactly how each piece of equipment works so that you begin to feel comfortable with it. In your equipment kit, you’ll see the following items (options vary with equipment choices):

  • 3 handheld cameras about 3 inches tall
  • 3 tripods to stabilize your cameras and let you go hands-free
  • An iPad, preprogrammed with an app to allow you to view and control your camera angles
  • 2 compact, wireless microphones (“lav mics”) that clip to clothing
  • Chargers, cords, and other accessories

This equipment is easily transportable in a heavy-duty carrying case, so no matter where you conduct the livestreaming event, your equipment will be safe and secure. Plus, the carrying case is also a charging system to keep those batteries full and fresh.

Step 2: Test your equipment

The next step is to complete the setup and test your equipment for an easy livestreaming experience. However, you’re not left to do this on your own. We’ll contact you to set up a quick training session at a time that’s convenient for you.

When you request a training time, our customer success manager will schedule a video meeting to show you how to complete the equipment setup step by step. This includes showing you how to:

  • Connect your cameras to the iPad app to view each camera angle and control the feed (switching angles, zooming, etc.)
  • Record a service with limited or no Wi-Fi
  • Stream a live event

The customer success manager will also provide a written step-by-step tutorial (in case someone else needs to know how to conduct an event), a list of common FAQs (like what to do if a camera disconnects), and a setup guide for where to place your cameras before an event.

You’ll also receive access to a training showcase, which includes the following videos:

  • Trainings and how-tos for quick refreshers
  • User testimonials about what works for them
  • Advice on how to take livestreaming to the next level

These videos are available to you to access at any time or whenever you need assistance.

Once you’re set up, it’s time to spread the word to your families.

Step 3: Offer this option to families

By now, you know to benefits of livestreaming for your funeral home and your families. That means it’s time to share that value with your families!

We realize that livestreaming might not make sense for every family, especially for those with family members and friends who all live in the same area. However, families are more dispersed these days, which makes livestreaming the perfect option for people to still be able to participate in a funeral.

It all starts with one question: “Is there anyone who will be unable to attend the funeral?”

Nearly every family today is a dispersed family (have relatives all over the state) or have financial hardships that might make traveling to the funeral home difficult. Livestreaming is a great option for them. Plus, with Encore, you can even record the service so the family has it forever.

You might be wondering…how can I explain the benefits of livestreaming to a family?

Below are a few points to consider:

  • Connect – Bring everyone together to say goodbye
  • Interact – Give everyone a chance to grieve and share memories
  • Remember – Allow everyone to honor and remember a loved one’s life

Note: We even help our social media management clients spread the word in their community that they provide livestreaming services. For some funeral homes, it’s a great competitive differentiator.

Once a family commits to livestreaming their loved one’s funeral, it’s time to go live (with our help, of course)!

Step 4: Run your first livestreaming event

Once you’ve received your equipment, set it up, and found a family who wants the livestreaming option, you’re almost there! The final step is to record and broadcast your first livestreaming event.

Feeling nervous? We’ve all been there.

At this point, some funeral directors start feeling nervous about going live, especially for the funeral of a loved one. That’s completely understandable. A lot is riding on your professionalism to coordinate this livestreaming event and make sure you provide the best experience possible to families. We get it. That’s why we make ourselves available to conduct the event remotely with you, providing advice and pointers along the way.

Days leading up to the event

First, simply let us know the date of the funeral. We’ll make sure we’re available remotely to help you through your first 5 events (though, most funeral professionals feel 100% comfortable after their first 3 events). We even create a custom image for the livestream event that showcases the loved one and post it on the loved one’s obituary so family and friends know they can attend virtually.

Day of the event

Before the start time, we’ll help you remotely with setting up the cameras on the tripods for the best views. Additionally, we’ll make sure you’re set up to record the service.

During the event, we’ll keep an eye on the camera feeds to let you know if you should switch angles, zoom in or out, or do anything else to improve the viewing experience for the audience.

Here’s how this first home’s first livestreaming event went with Encore:

“I was scared. I’m not the biggest technology expert, and I was on my own with the first service because I was at a church, not the funeral home. Even though Encore gave us three cameras for multiple angles, I only took one because I was so nervous to try it by myself. Luckily, the Encore team was the behind the scenes watching the stream and texting me going, “Okay, you need to straighten your camera a little bit, zoom in, zoom out, and you’ve got this.” The support was amazing, and everything went well. The family was happy, and I found out livestreaming was a lot easier than what I thought it was going to be.” – Karen Robbins, Pecan Grove Funeral Home

When the event concludes, we’ll show you where to find the recording, how to send it to families, and provide any other help you may need.

As mentioned previously, by the third event, you’ll likely be extremely comfortable with livestreaming! Though, your training extends to the first five livestreamed events, so please feel free to take advantage of all those on-demand training opportunities until you’re comfortable.

Step 5: You’re a livestreaming pro. Now what?

You’re never left to your own devices with us. We’re always a phone call or text away to help you with technical questions, livestreaming tips, business advice, and more. We’re here to serve, and we’re always happy to help.

Ready for a simple livestreaming experience?

Now that you know what to expect from the Encore training process, we hope you’re ready to take the next step with us and request a demo. Once you see the platform, we know you’ll be saying, “Why hadn’t I done this sooner?”

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