Funeral Directors Life Switches to 100% Solar Power

ABILENE, TX – Funeral Directors Life has recently switched to 100% solar. Over 1300 solar panels, capable of generating 806,000 kilowatt hours annually, were installed over a new parking lot. These panels are expected to supply all the energy needed to run the business’ 85,000 square foot building, with excess energy in the summer months offsetting the cloudy, shorter days in the winter.

“We are always looking for unique ways to make this a great place to work,” said Kris Seale, President and CEO of Funeral Directors Life. “When we were looking at the plans to expand our facilities and add a new parking lot, this was an option that just stood out to us. It is a great use of space, it provides covered parking for our people and energy for the entire building. We thought this was a feature our employees would really enjoy.”

Installing solar panels isn’t Funeral Directors Life’s only environmentally friendly business decision. In fact, the company has made tremendous strides toward becoming almost completely paperless for both their sales and claims processes.

“We have always been cutting edge with the use of technology in our business,” said Addison Templeton, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, who oversaw the building project along with the installation of the solar panels. “Over the years, we’ve used technology to reduce our use of paper by more than 70%. And now, we are investing in solar power to run this entire building. What is really amazing is that these decisions have been not only good for the environment, but they are good for business, too. These decisions have made us more efficient as a company, which allows us to put more resources into making this a great place to work for our employees, so it’s really a win-win all around.”

“I hope this is the start of a new trend,” said Kris Seale. “We need more businesses to think differently and to be progressive and innovative. We hope this will inspire other businesses to see what’s possible.”

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