Scott Schaake

Help Center Technician

What are your passions?

I love to go fishing. It’s much better to fish with someone than it is to fish alone. I go as much for the visiting with a friend or my girls as I do to actually try to catch fish. It’s a way to be able to talk with people without the distractions that life seems to bring.

Advice you live by?

I try to remember not to worry about tomorrow because today has enough trouble of its own. It’s a struggle for me to remember this some days but I plan to keep trying. The days I can make this happen are much less stressful than the others.

What has been a turning point in your life?

The biggest turning point in my life has been since my wife Sunne has had cancer. Going through with this with her has made me realize how fragile life is and has made me become closer to God. Also it has made me realize how truly wonderful it is to have people to support you through the rough times.

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