The Sneaky Way Low-Cost Competitors Target Your Community

How do low-cost competitors target your community?

They do it sneakily and are gone before you know it.

In this clip from our FD Talks podcast, Rob Davidson (VP of Creative Services) sits down with Drew Seale (now EVP and CMO of Funeral Directors Life), who explains the sneaky way low-cost cremation providers target your preplanning families, make false promises, and remove you from the preplanning equation.



This situation is more than frustrating. These companies harm your funeral home’s reputation in families’ eyes…the reputation so many of you have worked for generations to build. Worst of all? It’s those families that are left with a false sense of hope that their wishes were all taken care of.

You may not be able to stop low-cost competitors from targeting your community, but you can give your funeral homes a chance to reach your families before these companies do. Plus, you can provide a level of care that still promotes the value of a funeral, not just direct cremations.

We call it Arrangement Guide. Click here to find out more.



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