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At Funeral Directors Life, we believe your preneed sales program should be a service to your community. How we sell preneed is just as important as what we sell. That is why we work with funeral homes across the country to build preneed programs that really make a difference in the lives of the families we serve.

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Turn-key Preneed Solutions

Grow your business with the Select Producer Program

Most preneed programs fail because of a lack of training, leadership, and support. Our Select Producer Program is designed to help you grow your preneed business quickly and easily from the ground up.

Unmatched training, technology, and support

With industry-leading recruiting and training, unmatched technology and resources, and incredible ongoing support, your Select Producer will be able to not only serve families the right way, they will also be able to help you grow your business both now and in the future.


Your sales professionals will receive the same industry-leading training, including consultative sales, Medicaid/BSI sales, Aftercare training, and our exclusive Wolfelt Experience training.


Your sales professionals will use DIGicon®, the industry’s most advanced preneed sales software. DIGicon saves time, increases accuracy, and offers a better sales experience for families.

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With Funeral Directors Life, your sales professionals will receive incredible ongoing support from our sales management team, from field training to coaching, regional training sessions, and more.

Outstanding Results

With Funeral Directors Life, your preneed sales professionals will have all the tools they need to succeed and drive the growth of your preneed program.


Better Sales Results

On average, our sales professionals grow a funeral home’s preneed program by 68% in the first year. In some cases, preneed has increased up to 300%!


Higher Average Policies

Our trained sales force consistently sees higher than average policy sizes, beating the company average by up to $800.


The Best of the Best

Sales professionals who have gone through our in-depth training and management programs are consistently the top producers in the company.

Team walking outside

Improved Accountability & Management

Select Producers answer to our CEO

Funeral Directors Life offers the ONLY turn-key sales program in the preneed profession with a direct accountability chain from grandma’s kitchen table straight to the CEO’s office. Higher accountability leads to better results for everyone.

family meeting with funeral director

Happier Families

Consistently high persistency rates

Our sales professionals are trained to educate families, discover needs, present solutions, and help families make decisions that are good for them and their loved ones, leading to happier, more satisfied families, and consistently high persistency rates over 90%.


“At the end of our first year with a Select Producer, the amount of preneed that we were doing had tripled. All of a sudden, the future of our funeral home is looking really secure, and at the same time, all the families are really well satisfied.”

Ted Beck

Funeral Director/Owner
Mount Joy, Manheim & Lititz, Pennsylvania

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