Stop wasting time on paper contracts.

3 out of 4 of our preneed professionals submit contracts digitally.

Join thousands of preneed professionals who have discovered the secret to effortless preneed sales: DIGicon®, the funeral profession’s most advanced preneed contract sales software.


“I worked as a preplanning specialist for three years prior to being introduced to DIGicon. For me, DIGicon was a game changer and allowed me to maximize my time selling and reduced the hours I had previously spent laboring over triplicate paper copies. DIGicon also reduced my average appointment time and allows me to focus more of my appointment time connecting with my clients.”

Nathan Kesler

Preplanning Specialist
Broussard's Mortuary
Beaumont, TX

A better preneed sales experience.

Every preneed professional knows the frustration of filling out a contract for a family…only to discover a mistake. DIGicon offers a better sales experience—for you and your families.



DIGicon drastically reduces the time it takes to complete a preneed contract. You can copy a contract for a spouse, run an accuracy review, and easily compare different buying options.



DIGicon makes your job easier by walking you through the sales process step by step. It’s simple, streamlined, and does all the hard work for you.



You want to be seen as a professional when serving families, and with DIGicon you will never miss a beat in front of your families.

About DIGicon

Engineered to perfection.

For over a decade, DIGicon has been continually updated and engineered to perfection based on feedback from actual preneed sales professionals.

Time to upgrade.

If you are needing to upgrade your professional laptop or computer, DIGicon has got you covered. Enroll in our reimbursement program and get money back for your tech on every contract sold through DIGicon.

Need a contactless sales system? You’ve got it.

DIGicon offers you the option to provide contactless preneed sales to the families in your community. You can meet virtually, share your screen, show families what their options are, and even collect signatures online. To learn more about DIGicon, submit your request below, and a team member will be in touch with you soon.

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