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Provide complete protection to preneed families.

As a funeral professional, you want to offer your preneed families a comprehensive solution that brings complete reassurance and comfort, no matter where the loss occurs.

But when a preneed family loses a loved one away from home, they may be faced with unforeseen costs at the time of death. That is why you need to include On the Go Protection with every preneed plan!

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No one likes unexpected funeral costs.

If a loss occurs away from home, the family will be faced with a lot of unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. It doesn’t have to be that way. With On the Go Protection, you can ensure every family who preplans with you is taken care of, no matter where the loss occurs.

On the Go Protection is good for your business, too.

We know how much reassurance families have when they know they are protected, no matter what happens at the time of loss. But did you know that providing On the Go Protection is good for your business, too?

Maintain loyalty with families.

Even if things don’t go as expected with a loss occurring away from home, you can protect your relationships with families by ensuring that everything is truly taken care of with On the Go Protection included in every preneed funeral plan.

Preserve the value of the funeral.

A death away from home could mean a change of plans, but with On the Go Protection, the family doesn’t have to choose a lesser service option and they receive the benefits of a healing and meaningful tribute, as planned.

Add a new income stream.

Finally, in addition to protecting families in case of a loss away from home, On the Go Protection will also add a new revenue stream for your funeral home and a new income opportunity for your preneed sales staff. It’s a win-win-win!

Enroll today to start offering your preneed families complete protection with every preneed plan.

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