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How Ludwick Funeral Home Upgraded its Social Media and Preneed Program

Jonathan Quier
Co-Owner, Funeral Director, and Supervisor
Ludwick Funeral Homes and Cremation Care, Inc.
Kutztown & Topton, PA
Average call volume: 160 calls/year

Jonathan Quier knew it was important for Ludwick Funeral Home to maintain its online presence. And though he did his best to keep his funeral home’s social media active, Jonathan’s busy schedule often left him with no time to post, resulting in little interaction with families online.

Then Jonathan heard about Funeral Directors Life’s (FDL) social media management service – specifically, the consistency it could bring to his funeral home’s posting schedule. After learning more about the company, Jonathan decided to give the keys to his business’s social media to FDL.

Now, Ludwick Funeral Home has a strong online presence, consistently reaches new families on social media, and has even had preneed success from digital marketing efforts!

Jonathan says, “I’d recommend FDL to anybody!”

Keep reading to learn more about the positive results Ludwick Funeral Home has seen.

What has been your experience with FDL?

We have been very impressed with everything about FDL. From their company, employees, knowledge, support, and more, we’ve had nothing but a good experience with them. We’re a funeral home that prides itself on our excellent service, and it’s fantastic to receive superior and top-notch service from one of our partners. We’re getting that from FDL.

What did Ludwick Funeral Home’s social media look like before using FDL?

We initially did all our social media ourselves. We shared obituaries, local events in the community, and maybe something related to a funeral topic – when we had the chance. But most of the time, we didn’t consistently post on our pages. Some days I would think, I am going to post today! Then three weeks would go by. Our biggest problem was consistency and finding things to share with families. We didn’t have the time or energy to post consistently, and then we didn’t know what topics to share or what images were safe to use.

We knew it was important to keep our funeral home’s name active online and in families’ minds, so we decided to make a change to improve our social media.

Were there any specific qualities you looked for in your search for a social media management partner?

We knew we wanted to work with a company that understood the funeral profession and could provide relevant content. We explored several social media management companies before joining FDL. At first, I wanted to go with a local business, but they weren’t funeral-specific. We didn’t feel comfortable letting someone outside the funeral profession control our social media. We were concerned about their level of knowledge about funeral topics and didn’t want them turning to Google and finding inaccurate information.

Why did Ludwick Funeral Home ultimately choose to partner with FDL?

We started writing our preneed with FDL, and one of your sales representatives kept telling us how much FDL’s social media management service could help our funeral home. We looked into FDL and were impressed with the product and the content FDL created. We then realized FDL was significantly more cost-effective for our business. So, not only was the price something we could manage, but the quality of the service was better than any other option we explored.

Another thing we like is that FDL posts funeral-related content that families are looking for, which makes our funeral home look like experts. FDL posts other types of content, too, like holiday celebrations, motivational quotes, local news updates, and more!

In short, we partnered with FDL because we wanted to fully trust the content and the company that had access to our social media. We have that trust in FDL.

What results have you seen?

We’re getting a lot of page interaction, and our page followers have definitely grown. I think a lot of that is from how FDL shows off our team members’ personal sides in our posts. Families like to see that we’re not just people in suits and ties. They enjoy seeing our posts about staff birthdays or how we’re out in the community. It makes our funeral home stand out and shows that we are people you can interact with and get to know. I think a lot of that is because of FDL’s influence and content.

FDL also saves us a lot of time. It’s so much easier to review and approve a post that FDL created for us than for our staff to create a social media post from scratch.

You mentioned using FDL for your preneed. How has that been?

One of the biggest things FDL did for our preneed was effectively promote events we had. We had a lunch and learn preneed event in the fall, and it was a great success! FDL does a great job presenting preneed as an educational topic. They don’t try to force sales or pressure families into attending an event or making an appointment. Plus, FDL has done a great job with commissions and growth rates.

FDL’s online preneed contract sales software, DIGicon®, makes it easy to figure out payment plans and print off contracts for families. We can also see commissions and submit forms electronically – all things we didn’t have access to before FDL. That has made life for our staff a lot easier.

Have you seen any positive preneed results since using FDL?

We’ve been really busy with our preneed program so far this year. People in our community are interested in learning about preplanning. We’ve definitely seen a spike in our preplanning appointments and contracts.

Usually, our community would look into preneed if their loved one was about to go into a nursing home or maybe if they were a couple in their 60s and 70s. But since using FDL, we’ve seen families from a wide range of backgrounds and ages explore their options with us.

FDL has certainly increased our preplanning business so far!

What would you say to another funeral home owner interested in using FDL’s services?

As long as they are not in our area, I would tell them to go for it! In all seriousness, I would recommend FDL in a heartbeat. Our funeral home has been so impressed with FDL’s products and services and the ease it puts on our staff and the families we serve. I’d recommend FDL to anybody!

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