Funeral Directors Life Encourages Other Businesses to Develop a Pandemic Policy for Employees

Abilene, TX – Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in mid-March, Abilene, Texas-based Funeral Directors Life (FD) has focused on providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. At the core of the company’s strategy is the active involvement of a Business Continuity Team (BCT). The BCT is made up of a diverse team of employees, including a nurse practitioner and chaired by Funeral Directors Life President & CEO, Kris Seale.

“Thankfully, and so far, we have seen success with our pandemic policy,” said Kris Seale. “We are an essential business so we must find ways to remain open and serve our customers while staying healthy and safe in our workplace. Through our policies, communication, and cooperation, we’ve been able to minimize the spread of COVID-19 cases in the workplace. We feel fortunate to say this and we hope to see the positive trend continue.”

One of the first achievements of the Business Continuity Team at FD was the creation of a pandemic policy to outline our response to the outbreak. The company’s emergency preparedness and business continuity plan were carefully reviewed. The plan outlined specific steps the company should take to safeguard employees’ health and wellbeing while ensuring the company’s ability to maintain essential operations and continue providing essential services to customers. The plan was adjusted to address the specific nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the simultaneous widespread acceptance of remote communication tools like videoconferencing and document collaboration.

FD’s Business Continuity Team developed a system under which essential personnel can be directed to act based on a series of levels (“Level 1 – Normal Operations”, for example, or “Level 5 – Critical Risk”).  All areas of the business are taken into consideration, including personnel, visitors, movement around the building, social distancing, masks, meeting rooms, disinfecting surfaces, and COVID testing (since FD has its own nurse practitioner, COVID tests can be administered at the office).

“At this point, no one really knows when a viable vaccine will be available. So, businesses have a responsibility for intentionally creating and maintaining a healthy workplace for their employees. The employees of FD are our greatest asset.  We encourage other businesses to develop a plan for themselves.” added Seale.

As a service to other businesses, Funeral Directors Life will provide their pandemic policy to others who wish to create their own plan. Simply send your request to [email protected].

About Funeral Directors Life
Funeral Directors Life is a life insurance company which specializes in the sale of prepaid funeral insurance policies and annuities. Our mission is “To be known as the best, most-respected provider of service to the funeral industry.”

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