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About Encore

We understand you want to produce exceptional funeral services by connecting families near and far. One way to do that is by using a reliable livestreaming service.

The problem is, livestreaming technology in the profession is new, can be confusing, and can be difficult to use. All that can make you feel frustrated if you don't know how to livestream properly.

At Encore, we believe you should feel confident when livestreaming events! You deserve:

  1. High-quality equipment that is simple to use
  2. Step-by-step training so you feel comfortable
  3. An excellent support team to take action when you need help

With Encore, you can provide exceptional service that extends hope and healing to ALL family members, whether they attend in person or online.

Are you making these 5 livestreaming mistakes in your funeral home?

Funeral livestreaming. Once considered a "nice to have" is now a necessity these days, especially with families who can't all attend the service in person. But not all funeral livestreaming services are the same. Are you making these mistakes? (#4 might surprise you!)

Here’s how to get started:

Get your package and equipment options

Work with our experts who show you how to use the technology

Livestream with confidence!

Package Inclusions:


Promote this option to your community with handouts that advertise your livestream service to families. Opportunities for additional consultative marketing services are available.


Present a live video feed branded with your funeral home’s logo, connect family members with a unique chat feature, customize a donation option, and provide other personal touches for families.


Document every moment for a family so they can grieve long after the service is over. Provide an online link to the recording and even generate additional revenue with MP4 recordings.


Run your first 5 events with guided help from our team of technology experts. Experience ongoing support, including tech help and general advice.

Pricing Information:

A one-time activation fee

A flat monthly subscription fee for unlimited services per location

Purchase or lease equipment, customized to fit your needs

Encore is proud to be a service of Funeral Directors Life.

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