Take your aftercare program to the next level.

Circle of Friends+ does it all.

About Circle of Friends+

In an ideal world, you’d have time to visit with every family after the funeral service. You would give them helpful information on grief support, settling estate affairs, and finding peace on the road ahead.

However, in the real world, you are a busy funeral professional. But what if you could be there for the families you serve, even long after the loss? And what if you could increase family loyalty, improve your funeral home’s reputation in the community, and grow your market share at the same time?

Funeral Directors Life’s Circle of Friends+ (COF+) aftercare program was designed to accomplish it all.

Circle of Friends+ is a digital aftercare service to help families in the areas of settling an estate and grief support and to help you stay connected with families by offering the strength and resources they need.

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Benefits for the Families

Families receive:

  • ✔ An informative aftercare newsletter each month with stories of hope and encouragement
  • ✔ Check-in text messages where they can chat with live responders
  • ✔ The opportunity to leave a Google review for your funeral home
  • ✔ Unlimited free access to Everything After, an educational platform for grief support and estate help with videos, helpful articles, a support line, and more resources

Benefits for the Funeral Home

Your funeral home:

  • ✔ Provides a comforting service for grieving families, even long after the funeral
  • ✔ Can improve its reputation with Google reviews left by families of this service
  • ✔ Improves family loyalty by following up with the option to preplan
  • ✔ Experiences a program that runs itself

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