Sharpen Your Sword Webinars

Welcome to Sharpen Your Sword: a weekly webinar series in which select producers and preneed specialists discuss relevant, valuable topics related to serving families through preneed. Below you will find an archive of our past webinars, which include topics from conducting virtual meetings with families to Q&As with fellow industry professionals.

"How Do I Survive and Thrive?" Act One

In act one of "How Do I Survive and Thrive?", Terri Bannister and Michelle Fong put the spotlight on select producers who are making strides and adapting to a new normal during COVID-19. Mindset is everything when you're making adjustments to survive and thrive!

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"Mindset" Webinar

COVID-19 has proven to be a unique disruption in our lives and the lives of the families we serve, but is disruption always a negative thing? In this presentation, which was partially recorded, Terri Bannister explains how a healthy mindset is the key to counteract any disruption that comes your way.

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"Virtual Meetings" Webinar

Michelle Fong and DJ Jons navigate the ins and outs of hosting virtual meetings. In this webinar, you will learn how to keep your audience engaged, best practices for conducting meetings, and the importance of practice, patience, and preparation!

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Q&A with Bruce Baumgardner

Get to know Ohio Select Producer Bruce Baumgardner as he discusses his transition to FDLIC, describes his experience overcoming unexpected hurdles, and divulges resources that have helped him in his new role.

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"Aftercare Tools" with Andrea Thornburg

Select Producer Andrea Thornburg discusses her transition to working from home, new ideas to reach out to prospects, and her success with Aftercare!

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"Taking Care of You Too" Webinar

It's important to manage stress and practice self-care, especially when you're charting new work-life territory due to COVID-19. In this webinar, Michelle Fong discusses different stressors or distractions and how to combat them.

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"Virtual Preneed" with Kelly Owens

Kelly Owens, a Select Producer in Wisconsin, breaks down her transition to virtual preneed meetings with families and details best practices for communicating in a virtual space.

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"Connecting Across Social Distance" Webinar

In this webinar, Michelle Fong and DJ Jons discuss tips for overcoming phone anxiety, provide examples of effective emails, and share pointers for connecting with families from a distance.

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More Webinars and Resources

How to Promote Travel Plans to Preneed Families

As a preneed sales professional, travel plans are a win-win for you and the families you serve! You get to maximize each preneed appointment, and your families benefit from a plan that offers great peace of mind in case of emergency if the purchaser were to pass away more than 75 miles away from home. The best part? You can easily process the purchase of a travel plan digitally through Funeral Directors Life’s proprietary preneed contract software, DIGicon®. To learn how you can promote travel plans during the preneed appointment, watch this free webinar!

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Grow Your Preneed Sales with Online Group Presentations!

View free resources and learn how you can use Zoom to ramp up your sales efforts by conducting interactive group presentations online. Preneed sales professionals across the nation are STILL meeting with families and continuing to help them plan ahead, and you can too!

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FREE Recorded Webinars: Stimulus Package Benefits

Watch webinars, download informative slides, and view frequently asked questions that cover benefits for the small business owner or 1099 sales agent. The CARES Act has a number of provisions designed to help small businesses, including funeral homes!

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How to Collect Online Signatures for Preneed Contracts

With more and more families staying at home due to COVID-19 restrictions, many funeral professionals are wondering..."Is there a way to gather signatures for preneed contracts online?" If you are looking for better ways to serve your preneed families today, watch this recorded webinar to see the all-new online signatures process in DIGicon®, the funeral profession's most advanced preneed contract software. Find out how you can start helping preneed families through virtual meetings or by phone with a few tips and best practices from our team.

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Teams Webinar

With the COVID-19 restrictions changing how we meet with families, you are probably looking for tools to help you make at-need or preneed arrangements via virtual meetings. But with so many options available including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, and Microsoft Teams, you may be wondering…which of these tools is the easiest and most versatile option for our funeral home. Learn about how you and your team can use Microsoft Teams to meet virtually with families using a simple and effective tool. Best of all, Microsoft offers a free version of Teams!

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