Marketing Solutions

The marketing team is able to develop and produce effective, custom marketing pieces, taking an idea from its beginning stages through to the final product and delivery. Through consistent, high quality marketing efforts, you will begin to see name and brand recognition in your market, which increases the trust and loyalty of families.

Community-Centered Marketing

Working closely with your leadership team, we can enhance your firm's image in the community and strengthen your brand through a combination of aftercare initiatives, community awareness seminars, targeted direct mail campaigns, focus group marketing, and more. Additionally, we will ensure that your counselors are properly trained to successfully follow up with leads generated with these proven programs.

  • Project Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Copy Development

  • Lead Generation

  • Event Planning

Custom Solutions

Funeral Directors Life leads the way in planning and implementing effective marketing and lead generation programs with the goal of generating leads and enhancing your funeral home's image. Unlike any other in the preneed insurance industry, FDLIC's marketing department functions like a full-service advertising agency, offering custom solutions for your funeral home.

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