Helpers of People

As a client of Funeral Directors Life, when you give charitable contributions to non-profit organizations, you can double your donations through FDLIC’s Helpers of People™ Charitable Contributions Matching Program.

Consider how your charitable contributions can make a difference in a big way and solve problems in your community. Is a non-profit organization in your community in need of donations? What about children’s grief programs, Meals on Wheels, hospice, senior activity programs, or the local food bank? Or you may feel strongly about supporting non-profits that help specific groups of people such as veterans, first responders, or families who have recently experienced a tragic loss. All of these are examples of helping people in your community through charitable giving.

Here's how the program works.

Funeral Directors Life will match up to $5,000 per year in donations made to non-profit organizations that help people. The maximum donation matching amount is based on your funeral home’s annual volume produced with Funeral Directors Life. New non-profit organizations that are not preapproved by Funeral Directors Life are subject to a brief approval process. Upon request, Funeral Directors Life will also assist you in highlighting your contribution in your local media with a news release.

Contact your Funeral Directors Life sales manager for more information on the Helpers of People Charitable Contributions Matching Program.

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