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Funeral Directors Life is committed to providing innovative solutions for your staffing needs because your preneed sales professional is a valuable representative in your community. For this reason, Funeral Directors Life has implemented the DirectConnect recruitment system that yields better sales professional performance, a higher retention rate, less turnover, and therefore, more consistency in the funeral home's image in the community.

  • Provide standardized information about the position to the candidates

  • Identify the firm's performance expectations required to do the job

  • Conduct a standardized interview with questions relating directly to the position

  • Assess a candidate's skills, abilities and stated employment goals

  • Recommend candidates to interview

Find Qualified Candidates in Your Area

Hiring and training new preneed sales professionals can be a minefield of unexpected challenges. Besides wasting valuable time with a shoot and miss approach, going through the hiring process and then hiring the wrong candidate for the job can hinder rather than help you achieve your goals for your firm.

Funeral Directors Life is pleased to provide our client funeral homes access to the DirectConnect Recruiting Center, a recruitment service specializing in the placement of funeral service professionals. DirectConnect functions as a human resource screening and placement service for client funeral homes. Following a simple procedure, we can help you locate the most qualified candidates for your firm.

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