The DIGicon Sales System® is a computer software program designed by Funeral Directors Life to help simplify the preneed sales process for both sales professionals and funeral directors. DIGicon® innovatively weaves internet, multimedia and tablet PC technologies to make it easier to write contracts without paper and build relationships with your families at the same time.

The only digital sales system in the industry, DIGicon allows you to harness today's technology to help make your job easier, faster, better, and more efficient. DIGicon is sleek, professional and user-friendly. Everything can be conveniently filled out right on your laptop or desktop computer, saving you time and effort, and giving you more flexibility and freedom when relating to families.

DIGicon is revolutionizing the way preneed contracts are sold.

The DIGicon Sales System® software is free for Funeral Directors Life sales professionals. Hardware costs range from $0 for those who wish to use their existing computers to approximately $2,000 for those who choose to invest in the latest tablet PC and wireless printing technology. A special rebate program will also help offset start-up cost.

The DIGicon Sales System® is among one of our most significant developments as a Company, with far-reaching benefits for the sales professional, funeral home, and consumer. There is no other program like it in the preneed industry, and we at Funeral Directors Life are pleased to be able to be on the forefront of service to our clients through this innovative new program.


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