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DIGicare Services are designed to help you and your preneed sales professionals engage with and support families before, during, and after the funeral. DIGicare services follow families throughout the sales cycle to enhance their experience, offer education, automate services and support, and build and maintain customer loyalty.

PipelineDeals® CRM is the centerpiece of the DIGicare service offerings, helping your preneed program run smoothly and efficiently. Leads from a variety of sources flow automatically into PipelineDeals, helping you serve more families and giving your preneed sales staff the tools they need to build trust and nurture leads. Working seamlessly together, DIGicare subscription services help you save time and communicate more efficiently with the families you serve and set you apart as the leading source for education and information in your community.

PipelineDeals® CRM

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My Tribute Planner™

PipelineDeals is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool, and it’s the hub that keeps all of the DIGicare Services flowing smoothly. Funeral Directors Life has collaborated with PipelineDeals to bring our funeral home customers a powerful CRM system that is customized for funeral professionals and integrated with Funeral Directors Life’s services such as DIGicon, Circle of Friends eAftercare, Precare™, My Tribute Planner, and EasyTracTM lead flow, which allows leads to automatically flow into PipelineDeals from mail campaigns. PipelineDeals CRM improves the efficiency of your preneed team, simplifies the organization and management of leads, allows the sales professional to maximize the investment made for each lead, and provides accountability to the business owner. PipelineDeals CRM allows you and your team to increase preneed sales by staying organized, following up with each lead, and reaching more families in your community. PipelineDeals CRM also allows you to view in-depth ROI analysis of marketing efforts so that you can maximize your future marketing investments.

No matter how busy you get at the funeral home, our eAftercare program ensures that your at-need families are automatically receiving consistent support and valuable information from your funeral home after a loss. Funeral Directors Life has developed a complete eAftercare system designed to communicate with families for a full year following the death. Following a simple registration process with an email address, your families will begin to automatically receive helpful and informative aftercare materials customized with your funeral home’s name and contact information. Our eAftercare newsletters contain articles from top grief experts including Dr. Alan Wolfelt, along with touching personal stories, poems, and quotes. The Circle of Friends eAftercare program saves you valuable time and provides consistent communication and support for previously served families. In addition, the program offers opportunities for lead generation. Every email recipient is automatically added to PipelineDeals CRM as new leads for sales professionals. In addition, each email can be customized to include a picture of your preneed staff, providing name and face recognition along with “soft” sales opportunities for your preneed staff.

Funeral Directors Life’s Precare℠ Program is designed to help grow your preneed sales and prevent the erosion of preneed business by remaining in contact with families after the preneed contract is sold. Precare offers an initial email to the policy owner, the insured, and any named emergency contacts. The emails are followed up with e-newsletters that are periodically sent out to provide helpful information on second half of life issues. The policy owner (if he/she is not the insured) and emergency contacts flow directly into the PipelineDeals CRM system as referrals and become instant leads for the preneed sales professional to follow up with. Precare emails are intended to help maintain customer loyalty, prevent transfers, reconfirm the buying decision, add preneed leads to the sales professional’s pipeline, and help keep the lines of communication open with preneed families for the life of the contract.

Video is an effective way to share the value of your at-need and preneed services to families in your community and to promote lead generation events such as seminars and lunch & learns. To help you spread the word about your value offerings and special events, we provide custom audio/visual production services that compete on a national level. From content creation for TV ads and web videos, to media placement, and everything in between, our Audio/Visual Solutions delivers creativity, high production quality, and dynamic, individualized service, helping you to maximize your return on investment – all at a very competitive cost. Videos that are well-produced and strategically shared via email, on your website, and through social media help build better brand awareness, which helps your funeral home appeal to today’s changing funeral consumer and increases profitability as a result of preneed and at-need growth. In addition, search engines love video, which can drive increased traffic to your website.

More and more of our target demographic are flocking to social media platforms. According to a recent study from DMN3, 84.9% of Baby Boomers and Seniors (aged 50 to 82) said they use or belong to Facebook. However, many funeral homes find it difficult to set aside the time to engage with this growing base of prospective customers. To help your funeral home maintain an active social media presence, Funeral Directors Life offers a social media administration service that includes 2 to 3 postings per week intended to supplement the posts your funeral home makes. Facebook allows us to track analytics and the success of various types of posts, so that we can continually fine-tune our social media strategy based on engagement. In addition, Funeral Directors Life can coordinate Facebook boosts or sponsored ads that will increase the impact of mail campaigns—especially for seminars and lunch & learns. Static ads or video ads can be sent out to community members who have not yet liked your page, allowing you to reach more families with your message. By using an integrated approach to marketing your special events, you can generate more leads, attract younger families to your events, and serve community members that otherwise would have never seen your mail campaign.

MyTributePlanner.com is a website that was developed by Funeral Directors Life to provide a place where families could go to learn about a sales professional’s competency, personal background, and professional experience. Families can also see a testimonial from the funeral home owner, offering “social proof,” which helps build trust with families. Integrated with PipelineDeals CRM, a link to this website can be sent in an appointment confirmation email, helping families get to know and trust their sales professional before they meet face to face. Introductory emails can also be sent out to leads who have responded to mail campaigns, eAftercare leads, or Precare leads to introduce or reinforce the idea of funeral preplanning. In addition, mytributeplanner.com is full of information on planning ahead and includes resources and ideas for creating a meaningful celebration of life. Links to these articles can easily be sent in lead nurturing emails to keep the lines of communication open with warm leads. By using My Tribute Planner for your preneed sales staff, you will be able to increase your visibility in the community for your funeral home and for your preneed sales professionals, resulting in fewer cancellations, more appointments, more referrals, more sales, and more families served every year.


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