Funeral Directors Life Product Offerings

Our products at Funeral Directors Life are designed with our clients in mind, and we have a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether our clients choose to take a more passive approach to preneed, or whether they have thriving and active preneed programs, we have the right product to suit their needs.

Product Types

All of our products include features that make it easy to find a plan for each individual family you serve.

Our sales managers will help you identify your current situation and pinpoint your ideal situation. As knowledgeable, trusted business advisors, they will listen, consult, and discover both your immediate needs and your future goals. Only then will they be able to propose solutions for your consideration and suggest a possible plan of action. Availability of products and options is dependent on state law. Consult with your regional sales manager to determine availability of products and options in your state.

Passive Preneed Program

Higher growth rate options

Simplified health questions with one-year graded benefit on insured multi-pay plans

This product may be a good match for your firm if you:

Value growth more than commissions

Sell mostly single pay or dollar for dollar plans

Choose to focus on "walk-in"-type business

Moderately Assertive Preneed Program

Blend of excellent commissions and competitive growth rates.

Includes "day one" coverage for those who qualify

This product may be a good match for your firm if you:

Sell primarily single pay plans with some payment plans

Need commissions to help drive an active sales program

Are comfortable asking additional health questions for day one coverage

Assertive Preneed Program

Highest up-front commissions

Includes "day one" coverage for those who qualify

This product may be a good match for your firm if you:

Want the highest compensation to help drive an active sales program

Have a lower average age

Sell primarily payment plans

Dollar for Dollar Plans

Available with all three product lines. This product is there for those consumers who do not want to pay, or cannot afford, the cost of insurance premiums.

Graded Whole Life Plan

Graded whole life plans offer level death benefit protection with extremely affordable premiums. Available in most states.

Child and Grandchild Supplement

Where approved, the Child and Grandchild Supplement provides coverage for the child, grandchild or great-grandchild of the contract holder in the unfortunate event that death should occur while they are unmarried and between the ages of one and eighteen.


Funeral Directors Life believes that each client should use whatever price guarantee strategy that makes the most sense in their market. Where allowed by state law, Funeral Directors Life provides guaranteed and non-guaranteed contract options to our clients.

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