Funeral Professionals

Funeral Directors Life works to form quality relationships with funeral homes, marketing organizations, and select funeral profession associations whose core values and goals are aligned with our own.

Core Values

The customer service at FDLIC is outstanding. They are easy to work with, and it's nice to make a call, and get a person to talk to on the phone. It's nice to just know that there's a real person there who can answer any questions.

-Eric Basler, Ste. Genevieve, MO

What do I enjoy most about partnering with FDLIC? Two & honesty. We're all in this to build a business, earn an income, and do what is best for the families we serve, the funeral homes we work with, and the sales professionals who depend on us for their living.

-Patrick Zalusky, Mankato, MN

I greatly value the long term relationship we have established with FDLIC. Their compassionate and dedicated customer service representatives care for our families as if they were their own.

-Bill McReavy, Jr., Minneapolis, MN


Be the expert in your community

Innovative services help you grow your business, connect with your community, and become known as the leading provider of service in your area. With FDLIC’s industry-leading marketing and technology solutions, you will find more and more families depending upon you as the expert in your community.



Find a product that fits the way you do business

Because we know that one size doesn’t fit all, Funeral Directors Life has developed a range of products to suit the needs of various types of business. Each product is designed with many built-in options and benefits to make it easy to find a payment plan that meets the needs of the families you serve.


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