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Be Inspired for 2023

Stand Firm & Love Well

You are invited to our End-of-Year events!

Our funeral home partners are invited to join us virtually for our inspirational End-of-Year events! This is a special time to get inspired so we can enter into the New Year with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

Even if you’re unable to attend these virtual webinars, please feel free to register, and we’ll send you the recordings.


3:00 – 5:00 P.M. (CST)

Every day, we all encounter challenges, frustrations, and disappointments. But we don’t have to stay there. Join us for a moderated discussion between DIG president and CEO, Kris Seale, and Lead Pastor at Beltway Park Church, David McQueen, as they explore how we can go into each day spiritually empowered for its joys and challenges. Learn how to stand firm and love well!


3:00 – 5:00 P.M. (CST)

We all want to learn how to succeed in the workplace and in our personal life. Join us for a session full of high energy and humor with speaker and author Ross Bernstein, who is known for his inspirational teaching on The Champion’s Code. Bernstein will show us how to set ourselves apart through servant leadership, a culture of excellence, and developing deeper relationships. Get ready to laugh and grow at the same time!

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