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November 18, 2017


When You Win, We Win

You may notice that Funeral Directors Life offers a variety of services to help funeral professionals grow their businesses.

Recently, our team was asked by a friend in funeral service, “You offer so many different types of services—how do you keep your focus as a preneed company?”

I love it when we are asked good questions like this one.

It’s true that when our company was established, our founders were concerned about preneed funeral sales. They were concerned primarily about (1.) the fair and proper representation of preneed funeral sales in their communities, and (2.) the long-term effects of preneed on their businesses.

Today, our goal remains the same. We want to help funeral professionals grow their businesses the right way through high quality preneed programs AND protect the future of their business through wise and prudent investments.

I would only add that today, we in the funeral profession face the added challenge of remaining relevant to the very families we wish to serve. We understand that in order for you to have a successful preneed program, we have to first make sure your at-need program is succeeding, and will continue to succeed, well into the future.

Our services are designed to help you stay relevant to today’s families, become the leading provider of funeral service in your area, and differentiate your funeral home in the market you serve.

To that end, we have created what we call “A Continuum of Care” for families being served. This continuum of care helps funeral homes connect with families at every stage of service, from initial contact to prearrangement, to the funeral service, and beyond.

So, yes. We do offer a lot of services. But the goal of every single one is to help you grow your business and improve profitability in a rapidly changing marketplace. In fact, our mission is “To be known as the best, most-respected provider of service to the funeral industry.” While our focus remains squarely on helping funeral homes grow their preneed programs, we understand that preneed does not exist in a vacuum. We are dedicated to promoting and benefiting funeral service as a whole…because if you aren’t succeeding as a business, then we can’t succeed as a business. In other words, when you win, we win!

So, as we get ready to embark on a new year, I invite you to ask, “What if?”

“What if we were actively engaging with families in our community?”

“What if we were following up with those families in a timely and professional manner?”

“What if our preneed staff was the best trained and most efficient team in our area?”

“What if we had a systemized plan for following up with preneed families?”

“What if our at-need process was the easiest and most customer-oriented process in our area?”

“What if we had a systemized plan for following up with at-need families?”

I can tell you the answer to these questions because I’ve seen it. You would have a stellar preneed program. And, you would have a lot of happy customers who were ready and willing to give you referrals. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Kris Seale


Funeral Directors Life

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