The Wolfelt Experience Training

July 28, 2017


What Is the Wolfelt Experience Training?

Funeral Directors Life has partnered with Dr. Alan Wolfelt, grief counselor, author, educator, and founder of the Center for Loss and Life Transition in Fort Collins, Colorado, to bring exceptional training to the funeral profession about the importance of a meaningful funeral ceremony.

Today more than ever, families are questioning the need for a full funeral event. In an attempt to "make things easier" for their loved ones, many have confuse efficiency with effectiveness. They may have a quick service that does not inconvenience others too much--but they miss out on being able to share in a full range of emotions that create a healing and meaningful funeral experience for everyone.

As a grief counselor, Dr. Wolfelt witnessed the pain and complicated grief that often resulted for people who chose abbreviated services or skipped the funeral altogether. It was then that he decided to reach out to families before the death even occurred to provide education about the "WHY" of meaningful funeral experiences. Together with Funeral Directors Life's Learning and Development department, Dr. Wolfelt  developed training program that gives funeral professionals the tools to educate families about the "WHY" of funerals in both at-need and preneed situations.

As a result of "The Wolfelt Experience" Training, we have found that families who understand the WHY behind a fully personalized funeral experience including all the elements of a healing funeral are much more likely to choose to incorporate those elements in a planned service.

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