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Your proudest moment as a 5-year-old.

My mom was a painter. When I was in kindergarten she bought me my first set of paints and canvas board. It was a "paint by number". I remember her showing me how to match the colors with the numbers and these were my first oil paints. There I painted my first real 8x10. It was just the beginning of many important art projects my mother and I did together as I grew up. I think I spent more time watching her than working on my projects. To this day she still does it all with the same passion and love.

What will you think about during your final days?

My God. My wonderful husband. My beautiful daughter. My mom. My dad. My three younger siblings. My mentors. My prayer warriors. My best girlfriend. My pastor. My blessings. My traveling adventures. My disappointments. My failed moments. My successful wins. Forgiveness. Humility.

What are your passions?

People. All kinds of people. Every walk of life. Art and every form of it. Music and all the crazy fun and emotion that it awakens in us. Color and paint. Standing up for those who cannot. Feathers. Prayer. Love. God's presence in my life.

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