June 1, 2018 - July 31, 2018


The mission of FDLIC’s Summer Apprenticeship Program is to develop the potential in promising young leaders and give them the skills and the tools they need to succeed in their future careers.


The Apprenticeship Program is a 9-week program that allows apprentices to gain experience in their area of study in a corporate setting. Candidates must be currently enrolled in a university and entering their Junior or Senior year. The apprenticeship will encourage each participant to grow and develop both personally and professionally in a unique company culture based on Christian principles.




I was able to experience everything, all the different roles and jobs that make up the entire department. It was great to see all the different cogs work together towards one goal. You don’t realize how much group work is involved in the real world when most class assignments are short, simple, individual work.


Funeral Directors Life Summer Apprenticeship Program offers real-life experience in a forward-thinking, growing company serving a nation-wide network of clients. We are not hiring interns who will be shuffled off to scan documents in a dark corner. Our desire is for this to be a meaningful and valuable experience.

  • A paid position as an apprentice—you will have areas of responsibility and opportunities for personal and professional growth

  • Amazing perks such as access to gym and fitness classes, free fruit and drinks, and a warm and welcoming Christian atmosphere

  • Personal guidance and feedback on your performance from our Leadership Development Academy members and your department supervisor

  • The opportunity to work and gain experience in several areas of the department

  • Two book studies designed to help you grow personally and professionally

  • The chance to improve your “soft skills,” those skills that employers are looking for in candidates, such as leadership, versatility, effective communication, time management, organization, and taking initiative

  • The opportunity to serve your community and participate in a group service project




The apprenticeship program is the best way to gain real-world experience in your field while taking on responsibilities within your department. I was able to work closely with the AV Solutions area in the Marketing department, and that experience reinforced my decision to pursue a career in that field. I was given opportunities to use my creative license and gain feedback from professionals who have been in the Marketing field for many years. Not only will this program give you the tools to grow professionally and personally, but it will also allow you to meet one-of-a-kind people who will continue to mentor and encourage you long after the apprenticeship is over.

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