Funeral Directors Life


Our Year in Review


DIG Skate Night

July 14, 2016

Location: The Skatin Place

1950's Sock Hop

December 15, 2016

Location: Abilene Civic Center

The Daniel Plan

Company Book Study

Duration: 6 weeks


Company average body fat lost


Years lost on metabolic age


Total pounds lost


For the Children's Grief Connection

Participants: Todd Carlson, Pat Baxter, Elaine Edwards, Angie Dobbs, Kelly Gilgenbach, Katie Gilgenbach, Nick Tunheim, Scott Tufto, and John Harrington


Raised for Children's Grief Connection

2016 Awards

Darrell Richardson

Most likely to secretly be a blues saxophone player

Sheron Warren

Best Hair

Steven Dantzler

Most likely to win survivor

Deonna Molina

Most likely to be at the gym

Kristy Gilbert

Prettiest Eyes

Matthew Waldrip

Most likely to make you laugh

Jessica Minor

Most likely to eat a large pepperoni pizza in one sitting

Charles Rohus

Most successful at hiding their true alien identity

Helpers of People

MIS Madness


10 Shots Participants

Alzheimer's Walk


Walkers, Donators, and Volunteers

Meals on Wheels


Meals Delivered

Salsa Contest


Raised for Global Children's Awareness



Boxes Donated to Children

What is your Favorite Memory of 2016?

Summer Slim Down

EOY Zumba

Alzheimer's Walk

Ranger's Games

Mud Slinger Fun Run

The Balloon Office

Bunco Fundraiser

Cancun Mission Trip

30th Birthdays

End of the Year Zumba Class

Vanessa Callari

"I got to lead Zumba for the EOY Meeting with my cohorts, Jane Palmer and Allison Ford. We had 85 movers and shakers!"

Alzheimer's Walk 2016

Samantha Jones

"This was at the Alzheimer's Walk 2016!"

Ranger's Games

Jyl Lopez

"FDLIC rangers game action!"

Bunco Fundraiser

Haley Hill

"We joined together as a BUNCO team for the Alzheimer's fundraiser in September in their best 80's attire."

Summer Slim Down

Allison Condry

"I pushed myself and made it in the top 3 for the Summer Slim down for the 3 year in a row! It was fun to encourage and see everyone getting after it to get those stars- even on a Saturday morning for circuit!"

The Balloon Office

Marcus Wilson

"When I was away on a mini-sabbatical to Africa, my co-workers filled my office with over 700 balloons. It took them 4 days to fill it up and only took me 3 minutes to pop them all!"

Cancun Mission Trip

Nadene Smith

"Helping Back to Back Ministries and Mission House Partners was an incredible experience (I love to serve!)"

30th Birthdays

Rebecca Browne

"Jessica Minor and I turned 30 a day apart from each other."

Mud Slinger Fun Run

Ryon Williams

"The Mudslinger was one of my favorites this year."

Dec 9, 2016

Fun day! In celebration of Mac's first birthday with us, we wore flannels by his request! #fdlic #marketing #flannel

Kelley McCarthy Baber

July 30, 2016

Beautiful storm in the background during the afternoon kickball game. #kickball #fdlic

Steven Rodriguez


Instagram Posts


Sept 23, 2016

Came in second at the 3rd annual salsa competition! #fdlic - at Funeral Directors Life.

Ryon Williams

Sept 10, 2016

Waded through lots of water and crawled in mud pits with the #fdlic crew at the #bigcountrymudslinger !!!

Vanessa Callari

Today was the last day of my apprenticeship at FDLIC! #ITdept #MIS #lunchwiththenerds #fdlic #summerapprenticeship


Helloooo Cancun! #beach #beachlife #fdlic #blessed


Great night with friends! #fdlic #DIGgig2016


Sept 17, 2016

Alzheimer's walk 2016 #walktoend #fdlic

LeAndra Pruett

Funeral Directors Life

See ya next year!