Our Year In Review

the Best of 2015.

This year, we've volunteered for causes we believed in, celebrated milestones, won a few awards, and definitely had lots of fun. We got a little work done, too. It's been an amazing, surprising, exciting, and inspiring year. Let's take a look back at some of the best moments of 2015.

The best way to find yourself
is to lose yourself in the service to others.

From our first-ever mission trip in April, to the Hearts of Hope camp this fall, and every fund raiser, donation drive, and community event in between, this has been a truly exceptional year of giving.


Helpers of People

FDLIC Volunteers at Events

40 at Mudslinger Fun Run

30 at Abilene Alzheimers Walk

- 120 teddy bears were dontated to Hearts of Hope Grief Camp

- 25 FDLIC Employees walked in the Abilene Relay for Life

Money Raised for Charity

$300 via MIS Madness

$200 via Salsa Contest

- FDLIC helped sponsor one of the highest earning Ben Richey Boy Camps Clay Break Events

- 500+ meals delivered through Meals on Wheels by FDLIC volunteers

No one has ever become poor from giving.

Giving is a way of life around here, and our people are making a difference in the lives of many, many others around the world. In 2015, FDLIC supported the efforts of national charities at the annual Heart Walk (American Heart Association), Walk to End Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's Association), and the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society). The highlight for many of us was our mission trip to the Imeldahof Children's Home in Aruba during our annual Sales Incentive Trip!

Home Office
Abilene, Texas

2015 has been a year of progress for FDLIC! We added 14 new positions and expanded our office space by 5,000 square feet. We also launched DIGiclaim, FDLIC's online digital claim submission service, created an award-winning automated document delivery system, picked up a few new awards for being a great place to work, and revamped our product portfolio. All in all, a pretty good year.

...the only way to do great work is to love what you do.


Most Artistic

Vanessa Callari

Most Likely to bust out in song and dance

Simon Moreno

Most Likely to Fix Something That's Not Broken

Craig Loper

Most FDLIC Spirit

Sherri Miller

Cutest Couple

Mark & Lori Owen

Most likely to Jump Start Your Car

Austin Bennett

Best Smile

Alvino Sanchez

Best Dressed

Melissa Slaughter

Most Likely to Star in Their Own Reality TV Show

Jessie Martin

Most likely to win the lottery, but lose the ticket

Gloria Emmert

Best Dancer

Victor Garcia

Most Competitive

MIS Department














- Kris welcomes his first grandchild

- Addison Templeton becomes our new VP of Administration

- Our new blog series, Benchmark, was started


- FDLIC is recognized as the #2 Best Company to Work for in Texas

- A popcorn machine is added to the Cafe

- Accounting smashed an old printer with a baseball bat


- Demolition for the new construction starts in the back

- MIS raised $300 for charity with MIS Madness, a company-wide 10 shots basketball game


- FDLIC Incentive Trip to Aruba

- Passare Deepens Relationship with Directors Investment Group

- The shareholders meeting takes place at our home office

- FDLIC participates in the Abilene Relay for Life


- DIGiclaim, FDLIC's online claims submission, goes LIVE


- FDLIC Recognized as a 2015 "Best Place to Work for Millennials"

- Our 2nd Apprenticeship Program started with six new apprentices


- DIG Board meeting in Steamboat Spring, Colorado

- Annual Summer Sales Meeting held at the home office in Abilene TX

- Food trucks fill the home office parking lot for our Block Party DIG Gig


- Ranked at #2 in the national Top 10 Best Workplaces in Insurance by FORTUNE Magazine and Great Place to Work

- Marketing gets a new "Big Mama" printer

- The MIS department volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

- Executives travel to for the executive management retreat


- MIS raises $200 for charity with a company wide salsa contest

- FDLIC Volunteers help at the Abilene Alzheimer Walk

- FDLIC participates in the 5th Annual AYSA Mudslinger Fun Run


- Accounting wins the Annual Halloween Contest, dressed as the Wizard of Oz (brick road included)

- FDLIC participates in the Heart Walk


- 88 shoe boxes are filled for Operation Christmas Child through Samaritans Purse

- Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon with traditional Thanksgiving food

- The well that FDLIC partnered with Charity Water to build is completed in Ethiopia.


- We dressed in our best 70's outfits for the Peace Love and DIG End of the Year Party

- Annual Winter Sales Meeting held at the home office in Abilene TX

- Accounting, HR and Directors Choice moved into their newly constructed space in the back

- 2nd Annual Tacky Sweater Contest


July 9, 2015

Food Truck
Block Party



December 17, 2015

Peace Love & DIG
Gameshow Night


The FDLIC Crew



Memory Gallery

Select an image below to see our favorite memories from 2015.

Ben CianiMy favorite memory of 2015 was running/competing/finishing my first ever half marathon! I ran it in Dallas with C. Baber, Kiki, and Meguell.

Steven DantzlerHere is a photo of the beach at the YMCA camp where we had the Hearts of Hope grief camp. Lots of healing there.

Jessica Minor2015 was the beginning of my new position and the ending of my first convention season. All in all, FDLIC attended 24 conventions in 2015. It was a busy year!!

Jyl Lopez We had a department get together(BBQ) at Jeff's house! Then we headed to Kelley's for game night. It was lots of fun!

Karen TomsGoing to Aruba was part of my favorite 2015 memories. Aruba was my first experience at trying to get a passport. That was an experience in itself. This was also my first trip out of the states. This was a truly awesome vacation/gift.

Kelley BaberDuring our 2015 FDLIC Incentive Trip to Aruba, we visited the Donkey Sanctuary and it was my favorite event of the whole year! I love donkeys, and there were over 30 at the sanctuary. We were able to help feed them! Best of all, this all took place on my birthday!

Kim KentOne of my favorite memories this year was the Aruba Mission Trip. I was a cleaner and never have I enjoyed cleaning so much! Kelsey, Teresa, and I were in a house together.

Marcus WilsonThe mission project during the Aruba incentive trip this year was incredible! It was very rewarding to put in some hard work and see how much it blessed others.

Vanessa CallariThis year we conducted the first ever Zumba Rumba competition in February/March of 2015! Employees racked up points every time they attended or completed a challenge. Here's a picture of me with our top three winners!

Nadene SmithMy favorite memory was working with children from the Imeldahof Orphanage in Aruba for a day. They couldn't believe so many people were on vacation, but working for them! The joy seen and experienced on their faces was worth every minute!

Rebecca BrowneAllison Ford bought all the DIGiQueens inflatable crowns and we wore them for our weekly meeting.

Alyssa FieldsThe apprentice group enjoys an evening of BBQ and swimming at their end of the summer get together. Kris Seale invited the apprentice's to his home for the evening to celebrate the end of the 2015 program.

Gloria EmmertI love all our employee luncheons and the every day memories of working here - its a wonderful place to work.

Jane PalmerOne of my favorite moments of the year was making the sales video with Patrick, Rob and the gang. It was simply a lot of fun and it was good to be able to help another department share their story and passion.

Allison CondryGoing to the Rangers games is always a blast even when I don't know anything about baseball! It's a great time to connect with coworkers outside of work.

every ending is a new beginning.

Here's to 2016

As we look forward to the new year, there are already many new and exciting projects and opportunities ahead of us. The groundwork has been laid for an amazing year in 2016... beginning with a company-wide New Year's resolution to participate in the Daniel Plan! We are also excited about the new efficiencies we are gaining in the Ops departments, our new product and service offerings for our clients, and new leaders who are stepping up throughout our company to help us achieve some of our BIG objectives. For 2016, our ongoing focus will be to continue to create opportunities for our people to develop their talents, skills, and abilities so they can reach their full potential - mind, body, and soul.