Prearrangement is planning a funeral before the time of death. It is an important part of your estate and retirement planning. Without prearrangement, the details of the funeral are left to a small group of family members who have little warning or time to plan this major life event. Prearrangement relieves your family of that responsibility. You are able to leave detailed instructions about your desires and wishes.

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Prearrangement services are offered through your local funeral home at no cost to you. You can decide on every detail, put it in writing, and keep it on file at the funeral home of your choice, all with the help of a prearrangement specialist. It is up to you to decide if you wish to prefund your arrangements at a later date.

Final expense planning can be done not only through a funeral home, but also through a certified insurance agency. We can recommend a reputable company to you that will walk you through the steps of prearrangement, answer all your questions, and provide you with excellent service.

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Pre-Arrangement Options:

» Casket selection » Cremation with memorial service
» Green funeral options » Anatomical donation
» Flower selections » Funeral director's services
» Music selections » Pallbearers
» Catering » Scripture or poetry readings
» And much more