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The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) states that the average funeral costs roughly $7,000, however cash items that aren't usually purchased through the funeral home such as grave opening and closing, vault and cemetery property, flowers, clergy honorariums, obituaries and death certificates can add hundreds or thousands to the price depending on the choices the family makes. Funeral costs also vary greatly depending on what type of arrangements you choose (traditional or cremation), what type of casket you choose, and other products and services you may want. They can also vary depending on the area where you live.

However, by prearranging you can alleviate the final cost of funeral services for your family, protecting them from overspending during a difficult emotional time. It will also allow you to pay for your arrangements in small monthly installments, and may also provide the added protection of life insurance in the case of a premature death.

Why do I need life insurance to pay for my funeral?

Not all funeral contracts come with life insurance coverage, but with a few health qualifications, you can add an extra layer of protection to your funeral plans by going with a preneed insurance policy.

This protects you and your family in two important ways:

First, with life insurance, if something were to happen to you before you paid for your arrangements in full, the life insurance policy would step in and pay the balance due on your arrangements.

Second, if the funeral home you originally chose were to close, or you decided to move to another town, you should be able to use the funds from your life insurance policy at the funeral home of your choosing.