Funeral Directors Life Product Offerings

Our products at Funeral Directors Life are designed with our clients in mind, and we have a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether our clients choose to take a more passive approach to preneed, or whether they have thriving and active preneed programs, we have the right product to suit their needs.

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Product Types

Funeral Directors Life offers 3 product lines depending upon what you value in a preneed insurance product. Within each product family, you have even more options so that you can select a product tailored to your needs. All products contain the following features:

All of our products include features that make it easy to find a plan for each individual family you serve.

Your Knowledgeable, Trusted Business Advisor

Our sales managers will help you identify your current situation and pinpoint your ideal situation. As knowledgeable, trusted business advisors, they will listen, consult, and discover both your immediate needs and your future goals. Only then will they be able to propose solutions for your consideration and suggest a possible plan of action. Availability of products and options is dependent on state law. Consult with your regional sales manager to determine availability of products and options in your state.